Away Until June 13th


I am leaving tomorrow for my wedding and honeymoon and I won’t be returning to full activity on this website until June 13th. Thank you for helping me get this page off to a great start thus far, and I look forward to putting up engaging content through the summer after I return. The Amateur Society will be holding our next meeting on Monday, June 13th at 8:00pm Eastern Time and I’m sure there will be plenty to talk about by then!

In the meantime please check out the following websites for current content:
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Meeting Announcement: Monday 5/23 @ 8:00pm Eastern

Our regular open call will take place tonight, Monday 5/23, at 8:00pm eastern time via Skype. To join in please send us a contact request on Skype by searching for our account name amateursociety. If you have any questions or need clarification, please drop us a line on the contact page here or email us directly at

This evening we will be discussing love, an incredibly important aspect of our lives. How do we determine the definition of love? How can societies with different concepts of love interact? What happens when we fail to recognize the different types of love that we can express?

We welcome your participation in an open, honest conversation where everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts and ask questions we don’t typically investigate. Thanks for your time and we look forward to speaking with you!


Spiritual Insights from Economics

When I work with students in high school and college who are taking courses in economics I make it a point to be up front with my overall viewpoint on the subject. Having studied economics at length it ultimately became clear to me that the models used in economics do not necessarily reflect human behavior in the real world. In fact, the assumptions used to make the math and the models work essentially imply that virtually all conclusions and predictions are essentially meaningless. Economics models a fictional world of utility maximization and uniform self-interest. Nonetheless, the tools and principles of economics are not utterly useless. An approximation is the best we can do in this arena because economics attempts to deal with the sum total of human behavior.

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Understanding Economic Inequality

The cry of inequality and unfairness rings loud in our culture today. Grievances are posed. Emotions are stirred. Factions are defined. Division is cemented. Our world seems to be obsessed with the bifurcation between the haves and have-nots. Regardless of our worldviews, we are confronted with sobering statistics about the growing wealth and income disparities in recent decades. As the middle class continues to erode, prevailing sentiment searches for a solution. Let’s take a look at a couple proposals and then delve into the source of this inequality.

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The Chaos Countdown

This commentary is directed towards my Christian brothers and sisters all around the world and particularly here in the United States.

Time is short.

Those with eyes to see and ears to hear are attuned to the reality of deterioration across the major aspects of life. Increasing instability is the trend in culture, geopolitics, and economics. If it seems to you that everything is in proper order and under control, then I implore you as a Christian to ask God for discernment and wisdom. The importance of prayer at this time cannot be understated as we must be guided by the Holy Spirit into all truth and righteousness according to the promise of God (John 16:7-14). If we rely on our own strength and knowledge, then we will be deceived. Looking to Jesus as the truth is the only way for us to remain on solid ground.

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Agnosticism Is Actually Humanism

An agnostic is someone who holds to the belief that we don’t – or even can’t – know whether or not God exists. As typically understood, God is an eternal, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent being responsible for the creation of the universe we find ourselves in. Because God must be transcendent, not a part of the universe, it is argued that our cognitive faculties confined to the context of this universe are therefore unable to come to definitive knowledge or belief about God’s existence.

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Venezuela Is Important

In our world of attention spans measured in nanoseconds and exponentially increasing torrents of information to process we tend to take shortcuts. In America, this cognitive laziness can manifest in various ways. One overarching tendency is to declare anything international – or even outside our own individual spheres of influence – as irrelevant. Once that distinction is made, we can justify our apathy and lack of concern with any variety of excuses. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear: what is happening in Venezuela is important.

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