At least the pirates of old had the decency to fly the jolly roger and to present themselves transparently as plunderers who contributed nothing to productivity. Applying the current state of economic wisdom they may well have been seen as providing stimulus for the grog industry, but as any sane person without a PhD knows: theft is not production. These days such small time thieves aren’t worth a mention. Madoff? Corzine? Let’s expand our horizon shall we?

The theft of billions is significant from most angles, but not when compared to the trillions stolen through the invisible tax of inflation and certainly not in comparison to what comes next.

What happens when it is the banks themselves that commit the robbery?

The latest and greatest pirates are the central banks of the world. Every nation has one with the exception of North Korea, and in general things don’t go so well if your nation hasn’t given a central bank the reigns to your monetary system. The lonely group of holdouts used to include Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. No more.

A quadrillion is one thousand trillion, a million billion, and all sorts of descriptions that read like the fake numbers we used as trump cards during childhood arguments. How could any individual, organization, or network of organizations steal $1,000,000,000,000,000? The number itself is mind boggling. Search for Gross World Product and you’ll find that there’s definitely well over a quadrillion dollars worth of assets in the world, but how could they steal everything?

It’s actually not too complicated.

1. Gain control over the supply of money in all economies
2. Disconnect the money from anything with intrinsic value and turn it into currency
3. Print currency from nothing and call it money
4. Use this fake money to purchase all the real assets
5. Never allow enough of the population to know that steps 1-4 are occurring

Right now steps 1 and 2 have been achieved and steps 3 and 4 are proceeding at an absurd pace. In April we learned that the Bank of Japan is a top 10 shareholder in 90% of the public companies in the Nikkei 225. Here in the US the Exchange Stabilization Fund (discussed here) has been doing the same only off the books. This is now standard central bank and government operating procedure.

Many who realize this say that the purpose of these actions is to manipulate asset prices and to keep the current system afloat. These observations are accurate, but perhaps they don’t give us the full picture…

In my opinion the ultimate goal is for the central banks to own everything. If they pull it off they will have done it using an instrument that has no intrinsic value. Here’s an interesting scenario: you are able to create as much Monopoly money you want; you can actually use it to purchase real goods and services; nobody else can print it under threat of imprisonment; if anyone in the world disagreed you killed them; and best of all nobody knows that you’re doing it because you’ve convinced everyone otherwise.

Think about it… In the financial crisis major institutions failed, were consolidated, or were bailed out by governments using new currency printed by the central bank. In the next crisis the same strategy of nationalization will be employed, but on a much grander scale. It will be presented as the only way to save the system. Any dissent will be deemed unpatriotic or even an act of terrorism. This is by no means without precedent.

However, this outcome is by no means a foregone conclusion.

We still have the ability to short circuit the largest theft in history. We have to disrupt step 5 before the crisis arrives. Those running this scam are neither omnipotent nor omniscient. As credibility fails and we enter the economic endgame it is imperative that we realize what has been going on under all our noses for all of our lives. Those Federal Reserve Notes in your wallet are debt. They are being used to slowly but surely take everything that you have. The heist is quickening into its final stages.

Wake up and spread the word while there we still have the opportunity.


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