Red Alert: Showdown Ahead

In a game of cards the showdown is the phase when the players must reveal their cards in order to determine who wins. To those with eyes to see and ears to hear we are in a position that looks and sounds like the final stage before a showdown.

Despite the constant rhetoric from the political class about the importance of transparency, if you’ve read The Art of War or have some common sense then you’ll realize that transparency is not a strategically profitable objective for those conducting warfare under the 21st century guise of full spectrum dominance.

However, at this point you can almost get the feeling – even from publicly available information sources and perhaps on occasion the mainstream media – that maintaining narrative consistency in the prolonged and ongoing deception operations is no longer a real priority. There aren’t any resources being dedicated to the disguise. If anything it’s the lies that are transparent.

The level of doublespeak and outright obvious dissembling present in current propaganda has reached a point where the only question that remains is whether the loss of control of perception is a concerted effort to bring about societal chaos and institutional breakdown in order to implement a specific agenda or simply the result of building a Ponzi scheme of lies so vast that it collapses under its own weight.

You still can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

From central bank financial manipulation and James Comey not recommending that Hillary Clinton be charged to the Chilcot report on the Iraq War, in my view the important thing to do now is to understand the bigger picture. In the face of informational and emotional overload on a variety of crucial fronts it is necessary that we keep our wits about us because we are about to have to make critically significant decisions for our own lives, for the scope of history, and most importantly for eternity.

I don’t believe that this is hyperbolic, melodramatic, or even exaggerated.

Regardless of the motives and plans and schemes and actions and decisions made by those in positions of power attempting to steer the world in a defined direction, we are fast approaching a dangerous moment where bluffs will ultimately be called.

In poker when you are the short stack you do have one final factor on your side even when facing an opponent with vastly more resources. Making an all in play with everything you have on the line forces your adversary into a showdown. In order for you to be eliminated the cards have to be shown. Of course you must pick these moments extremely carefully because of the stakes involved, but if you are willing to risk it all on your hand then no bluff can back you down.

We’ve been folding to junk bluffs for a long time because we’ve trusted our playing partners to be straight up. Haven’t we realized yet that we’ve been pushed all in? Isn’t it clear that folding is not an option? Aren’t we in a position where our only option is a showdown where everyone’s real cards are on display? Can’t we see that’s where we’re headed whether we like it or not?

What will you do when we come to the showdown moment? You won’t need me to tell you when we’re there. You’ll see the chaos for yourself. You’ll feel the panic. It’s a moment that none of us are truly prepared for because we have no precedent experience, but we must prepare anyway.

If you can keep steady in this coming showdown and the storm that goes with it, then you will be counted worthy for having endured. That is God’s promise, not mine. There is even joy and peace to be found in the midst of the storm, but your foundation must be firmly established.

The only way forward is to be irrevocably planted on the rock that is Jesus Christ.

Let’s quit with our petty rambling, repent, and seek God with fervency.

There’s a showdown ahead.

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