Come, Let Us Reason Together


How many times in your life have you believed something to be true only to find out that it was false?

What percentage of your current beliefs are actually false?

It’s safe to say that we all hold beliefs and that some of them are false. It’s also safe to say that if we knew that something was false we wouldn’t believe in it. After all, knowledge can be classified as a justified true belief. Given this situation, why do we passively assume that all of our beliefs are true when a two-question examination demonstrates that such an assumption is completely unreasonable?

Maybe we’re scared of change. Maybe the truth hurts. Maybe we don’t like admitting that we were wrong. Maybe we’re just lazy. Maybe it’s all of these. Maybe it’s something else completely…

We are witnessing unprecedented levels of blatant deception and raw hypocrisy at all levels and on all sides. We’ve all seen false perceptions and lies pick up traction because they are catchy or scratch an itch. Life is not meant to be a continuous sequence of memes. Sardonic humor is not a replacement for action. Repeating some trope without at least conducting basic due diligence is irresponsible.

If you can’t tell that something is wrong in the world and that it’s getting worse rather than better then by all means take your business and your valuable time elsewhere.

For those of you who are still with me, let’s ask a few more questions:

What does your worldview tell you about morality and purpose?
Who is in control of your life?
Why is there such division even when we agree on priorities like peace, safety, and provision?
What is the difference between race and culture?
How many times does someone have to lie to your face before you stop trusting them?
Are we exclusively right and everyone else exclusively wrong?
When does life begin?
Will we be held accountable for our misdeeds?
What do we do to address the issues in this world?
Will we fall for a lie the way we’ve been repeatedly swindled in the past?
What will we do if we lose our way of life?
What will you do if your dreams come to nothing?
What foundation are you standing on?

Let us put aside the petty distractions. Come, let us reason together.


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