Summer Doldrums – 2016 Edition

We have an issue with timelines and attention spans.

When an event happens on the global financial and geopolitical stage and the official narrative is framed, those who question the narrative are brushed aside or even shouted down. Then, when evidence surfaces months and years later that undermines the original narrative those who originally propagated a false story can simply put out a minor release correcting the record. The initial narrative is already set. Even a revelation that the initial narrative was completely and utterly wrong to the point of being the exact opposite of the truth post facto doesn’t matter. The general populace has already framed their beliefs and opinions based on the false reports or claims and will only in rare circumstances bother to adjust to new information. It’s just too difficult to keep track of things.

We’re walking the plank because we outsourced our critical thinking to our information outlet of choice. Millions of Americans haven’t been instructed in proper critical thinking. Otherwise we wouldn’t see people willing to embrace multiple beliefs simultaneously that are overtly and obviously contradictory.

But I digress…

When the IMF corrects the record and admits in a working paper that it’s debt restructuring policies actually do impact GDP despite ravenous denial of this very same notion when the Greek crisis was front and center last summer, barely an eye is batted. In our supposedly cosmopolitan, new age society it really doesn’t seem like we actually care at all about the plight of others. Life expectancy deteriorates in developed countries, another couple hundred people are killed in attacks in the Middle East, and we shrug – never leaving our sports, food, politics, cell phones, and vices.

When GDP is revised downward it doesn’t matter to those who already have a view of reality that doesn’t and can’t deal with actual reality. There’s a reason why recessions aren’t typically announced until we are already in the thick of them. Officially published economic data is a useful fiction. It is not derived from reality, but it can affect reality because of its influence on people’s perceptions and, through that channel, their decisions. The disconnect between reality and perceived reality is now a gaping chasm that widens continuously.

To demonstrate that global stock markets, the ‘look over here’ barometer that everyone uses to determine whether everything is fine or not, are a function of central banks and trading algorithms rather than any actual reality, please examine the overnight moves in the Japanese market following their monetary policy update:

Nikkei Nanex

Hat tip for the wonderful chart to Eric Scott Hunsader over at Nanex. They do an incredible job documenting the disastrous fraud that is the global financial system and were even given a whistleblower cash prize earlier this year for conclusively demonstrating algorithmic price manipulation in a way that even the notoriously inept and corrupt financial regulatory apparatus could not deny.

Why does any of this matter?

Anyone with even a whiff of discernment can tell that this summer is unlike past summers in terms of the frequency and intensity of information and events that are rolling out on a constant basis in real time.

What you see in that chart is a system held together by nothing. Central banks print currency out of nothing by hitting a couple of keys on a computer. Enough people still believe that the currency has value to maintain the grand illusion and to allow the heist to continue. Anyone who points this out gets flak because ‘the stock market is at all time highs’.

The whole thing is breaking. Earlier in the summer I wrote that we are in the economic endgame. Can you look beyond the Dow? Do you feel the disintegration? Have you protected yourself and your family?

Or are you whistling past the graveyard?

Buckle up. Watch silver when it gets over $22. At the beginning of this year on The Amateur Society Facebook page I called out SLW when it was trading at $11 after mentioning it multiple times in 2015. As of this morning it’s trading at a two year high of $27.50.

Wake up and stop getting taken advantage of by charlatans who would throw you to the lions if it meant their own advancement. We are living in what will go down as a time of unbelievable historical significance. It’s time to get in the game and think for ourselves.



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