Systemic Reset – What Comes After?

Global monetary systems typically undergo systemic resets around twice per century on average. If you are looking for an excellent, succinct resource for an overview of recent monetary history, please check out the following video before reading on:

140 Years of Monetary History in 10 Minutes – Mike Maloney

If you have come to the realization that the current monetary system is on life support and is overdue for a dramatic shift that will impact everyone and everything on the planet, then you may be wondering about what is coming next? Prognosticators are predicting everything from utopia to apocalypse and all possibilities in between, and it can be confusing and frightening to examine many of the potential scenarios moving forward.

I don’t know exactly when the systemic reset will happen, what will come after, and how long the transition period will be. Unless you’ve received that information directly from God there’s no way to know. Even those eagerly awaiting and even making the decisions that will lead to such a transition do not have the absolute power and control necessary to execute their objectives with total certainty and with perfectly precise timing. Rather than venture fully into the realm of abject speculation, I will instead present several guiding principles that we can use to frame our conversations and analysis on this topic.

Principle 1: know the stated objectives of key players.

Whether you call them the Illuminati, the new world order, the global crime syndicate, the banking cartel, the Luciferians, the powers that be, the ascended masters, the chosen ones, the shadow government, the super occult, the deep state, or any other moniker that the network of individuals who control the most powerful groups and institutions of the world has picked up – for the sake of simplicity I’ll just call them the bad guys – it is important to understand the overarching goals and plans of this hugely influential faction.

I’ll point to a cover of The Economist from 1988, the year I was born, to highlight the general theme:

1988 Economist

Will 2018 be the time when a world currency backed by gold emerges like a phoenix from the ashes of the destruction of the paper monetary system? In 2016 it certainly seems like that option is on the table, and it’s difficult to argue that something else is being suggested by the imagery here. Regardless of the circumstance it is prudent for each one of us to examine the motivations and capabilities of those who hold the levers of geopolitical and financial power

Principle 2: always be aware of the war option.

When economic systems have failed in the past, war is typically not far behind. Essentially, when one government can’t pay their debts to another they have a few options: hand over their land or resources as collateral, cede their political power, or fight to the death. Governments have typically chosen to fight. Once the war ends, whoever is left standing can make the rules. After World War II the United States was left as the predominant economic power because our continent didn’t have its industrial capacity bombed into oblivion and its population decimated. As such, we got to make the rules.

Now we are entering a time where the United States can’t pay its debts and the paper dollar is approaching its intrinsic value of zero, albeit slightly more slowly than all other worthless fiat currencies. In order to avoid going off on a tangent I’ll simply note that the war option is live. If you’ve been paying attention to global geopolitics you’ll recognize that it’s extremely live. War is an excellent tool if you want to create a scapegoat for economic problems that you’ve created. This is a tried and true formula, but the real question is are enough people wise to the game to prevent the misdirection from being effective.

Principle 3: there is always hope.

Instability and crisis do play into the hands of the ‘order out of chaos’ principle that the bad guys like to employ. However, who said the bad guys have to win? We serve an all-powerful God. If we dedicate ourselves to following Him and to following the will of Jesus for our lives, then we will be able to stand in the midst of the tumultuous storm that is swiftly approaching. If enough of us can keep our eyes on the Lord and can see the truth for what it is, then we can resist the formation of a global totalitarian state. We can have a peaceful and prosperous future for generations to come, but we’re going to have to go through trials that we have never known in order to get there. We can’t do that in our own strength. We need the full measure of the Holy Spirit.

Take everything here to the Lord in prayer and follow up with your own research. These issues and this moment are too important to be outsourced to some amateur on the internet.


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