Soaring Eagle Radio Episode 61 – A Conversation With Ratio Christi President Dr. Cory Miller


Check out the link below for another fantastic episode of Soaring Eagle Radio with Pastor Mike Spaulding of Calvary Chapel of Lima, Ohio. Follow the links to listen to and view more material from Pastor Mike including on YouTube here.


Ratio Christi – which is Latin for ‘The Reason of Christ’ – seeks to encourage and strengthen the faith of Christian students at universities around the world through the use of intellectual investigation and apologetics while sharing Christ’s message and love to those that have yet to receive it.

Ratio Christi looks for opportunities to partner with Christian students to place Christian apologetics clubs at secular, liberal, religious, public, and private universities around the world in order to take part in the battle for the mind, and begin to reverse the Humanist trend of thought by providing and equipping students with the answers, or means of getting the answers, to the pressing questions of life that shape our worldview.

Stay tuned for my conversation with Ratio Christi President Cory Miller in this episode of Soaring Eagle Radio.

Corey Miller BIO

Dr. Corey Miller is the President/CEO of Ratio Christi (2015). He grew up in Utah as a sixth generation Mormon, and came to faith in Christ in 1988. Since then he has been a youth and college pastor, a Bible college and university professor, campus minister, lecturer, and first and foremost an evangelist. From 2009-15 he served on staff with Cru directing the Christian Faculty, Grad, and Staff Network ( at Purdue. He is an Adjunct Professor of Philosophy and Comparative Religions at Indiana University-Kokomo. He is variously published and is co-editor of Is Faith in God Reasonable? Debates in Philosophy, Science, and Rhetoric (2014). He holds masters degrees in philosophy, biblical studies, and in philosophy of religion and ethics. His PhD is in philosophical theology from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

Ratio Christi website –

Click here to listen to Pastor Mike Spaulding interview Dr. Cory Miller on Soaring Eagle Radio

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