Education, Economics, Eternity: Steven Menking On The Hagmann And Hagmann Report Tonight (10.11.2016) At 8:00pm Eastern Time



Please join me tonight as I sit down with Doug and Joe Hagmann of The Hagmann and Hagmann Report from 8:00pm to 9:00pm eastern time and discuss my background, The Amateur Society, and current financial events in addition to topics in education, economics, and eternity.

Find out how to tune in to the broadcast by clicking the above link, going to their show page, and checking out the how to listen drop down menu. In a pinch you can always visit their YouTube channel to find the live stream or the archives.

I am overwhelmingly grateful today as I thank the Lord for this amazing opportunity to share my heart with a worldwide audience, address some critical questions, and provide actionable suggestions. Only by the grace of God have I arrived at this point, and I’m thrilled to see what the next chapter has in store.

A major shoutout is due to the Hagmanns and to all my brothers and sisters in Christ who have encouraged me and prayed for me.

God bless!



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