Sgt. Tim – Wag the Dog 2016: Is Trouble Imminent Between the United States and Russia?


This post was written by my brother in Christ and friend of The Amateur Society Sgt. Tim of Outlaw Patriot News. Find more of his material by clicking the link.


I had trouble sleeping night before last. I had a sick dog that began throwing up around 12:30 at night and after getting her settled down, it took me a while to get settled in for sleep myself. Once I got to sleep, I had a dream that left me a bit shaken when I awoke yesterday morning. It had the look and feel of one of those old WWII movies, down to the colorization and everything (I know that supposedly we don’t dream in color, but I remember colors in my dreams, so I don’t know…). I was in a foxhole, strapped with gear, with some of the guys I have worked with over the years and others. While everything felt like a WWII movie, we never referenced the Germans, but instead were talking about the Russians in the tree-line across from us. When I woke up, I saw that several veterans I follow through social media have been having similar dreams over the past few weeks. Certainly, the case could be made that it is simply the anxiety and stress of the current world situation, one that the media either ignores or looks to score propaganda points over. But it is those that served and in particular capacities that see the true danger of the current situation, and whether they realize it or not, perhaps this is seeping into their subconscious and affecting their dreams. Whatever the case may be, I awoke with a weight pressing on me, something weighing on my heart that told me that it is more likely than not that in the coming 4 days, when the news cycle typically scales down and following the debate, something big could happen in Syria that will have a profound effect on US – Russian relations.

As many of you know, the rhetoric between the current administration and Russia has stepped up exponentially over the past few weeks. In my last article, I spoke about this, how we got to this point, and where I think it is going (and for those of you interested, I will be doing a follow up to that article more accurately breaking down how I think it will play out, as I barely scratched the surface in that article). Though it has been talked about quite a bit and played across a few alternative media platforms, this statement by General Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has largely been ignored by the media and the serious repercussions he speaks of in regards to establishing a “no-fly zone” in Syria:

YouTube – General Dunford on “No-Fly Zone”

However, perhaps even more telling as to intentions is his backtracking after making the first statement when dressed down by Senator McCain about the statement. It is clear that neither the administration nor Congress wanted him making that statement and either he did so to get it on the record moving forward (perhaps as a warning to those that are paying attention?) or he could have simply forgotten that such a statement would be part of the record. In either case, he clearly states that putting a “no-fly zone” in Syria would lead to war with either Syria or Russia, or both. I believe that what he said there is the truth, especially in considering that Russia was invited in by Syria to aid them militarily in their defense against the rebel groups, making their participation legal under international law. Anything short of invitation by Syria, a UN resolution authorizing US force in Syria, or declaration of war would be a violation of international law on the part of the United States for entering into hostilities within a sovereign nation. This is why we can operate in Iraq against ISIS, but crossing the border is a different matter.

Perhaps even more telling of the intentions of this administration in regards to Russia has been the steady repeating of the mantra that hackers from Russia are feeding Wikileaks and were behind the hacking into government and DNC emails. I have done a bit of research into Russian hackers and hacking capabilities, and it is true that Russia has hackers that are formidable. Most of the attention up until now has centered on Russian hackers involved in various credit card theft schemes, as was the case in the recent conviction in August of the son of a Russian MP, Roman Valerevich Seleznev, in the theft of 2 million credit card accounts.

Russian hackers have also been accused of political actions in support of the Russian government, such as actions taken during the Georgian conflict in 2008, a cyber-attack on Estonia in 2007, and a cyber-attack on the Ukrainian power grid in December of last year. But it is extremely difficult to definitively prove where for sure these attacks came from, and then whether or not it is actually state-sanctioned or if they are the work of lone-wolf patriots working in conjunction with events in the world. However, this administration now wants the American public to forget about the information that was disclosed, which clearly harms it and the political party it is affiliated with, and focus on the source. While the information released clearly paints a picture of the corruption that goes on behind the scenes at the DNC and the fact that they are not just hitting the campaign trail to influence the elections, but actually taking illegal actions, those within the Democratic party point to these hacks and the release of the information as state-sponsored hacktivism in order to influence the US elections. While I condemn the actions of the hacktivists, I also condemn the people that were hacked for their actions and corruption. It is a shame that in a republic where the press enjoys a wide range of protections and funding to the MSM is quite prolific, that it takes the actions of hacktivists to disclose information that they could have blown the whistle on long ago.

To clearly show the embarrassment level of this administration, think of how many times our current president has drawn a red line or made a demand in the international arena that went unanswered and he slithered back into the White House with no action. But the vice president tells us in a recent interview with MSNBC that this will not be the case this time:

YouTube – Joe Biden Threatens Russia on Meet the Press

I don’t know about you, but that video, the facial expressions, and his demeanor scares me. I have always found Joe Biden creepy, with the way that he inappropriately gropes and forces himself on women, but that video is disturbing.

Alongside the Wikileaks information, this week Project Veritas also released videos of undercover interviews done with shadowy operatives working for the DNC in inciting riots, voter fraud, and in general manipulating public opinion and intimidating voters. One of the operatives even said that this is the way the DNC has operated for 50 years. In light of the Wikileaks information, the releases by Project Veritas, and the abysmal performance of their candidate, is it possible that this administration and the DNC could be looking for another “wag the dog” scenario to divert public attention while at the same time advancing their plan against Russia?

If that is indeed the case, then this would perhaps be the weekend to launch such an event. As I write this, we have troops on the ground in support of the Iraqi national forces to retake Mosul.

During this event, anything could happen, staged or real. At the same time, once ISIS is forced from Mosul, where do you think they will retreat to? If mass casualties on US forces are inflicted in an event in the reclamation of Mosul, could that be used as an impetus for the call for further action and possible insertion of American forces into Syria? Will US aircraft again bomb Syrian government forces? Could there be an incident with US and Russian forces operating in such close proximity to one another in Syria? Could it be something completely unforeseen?

All of these scenarios are possibilities. But one thing is for certain – the Democratic party has been embarrassed in a way that it hasn’t been in a long time, which has brought disgrace and embarrassment once again to the United States. What scares me is that most of these politicians strike me as the type of person that has never been in a fight, or know what happens when you continue to push someone into a fight and then they feel their back is against the wall. We have and are continuing to push Russia against the wall, and if they haven’t already, they will soon feel like the only way out is to punch us right in the nose. I certainly do think Putin would like to see Trump in the White House. However, not for the reasons the DNC is pushing, but because Trump has said time and again that he would like to work together with Russia in fighting ISIS and in general. Clinton has time and again used the same warmongering rhetoric of the neocons and neolibs, essentially the same neopsychopaths, to promote war around the world, and specifically with Russia. And scarier yet are the people that fall in line with this rhetoric, having forgotten the potential destruction worldwide that could result from such a war.

If something is indeed planned to happen this weekend, I look for it to happen after the standard weekly news cycle has come to its end, perhaps in the Friday night / early Saturday morning time frame, when most news services are working with skeleton crews. I am praying that this path to war be diverted and I ask that all of you join me in prayers of protection over our forces around the world, and that the Hand of the Lord move in preventing those that seek war from accomplishing what they are striving to do.

– Post-Script –

During the writing of this article, I was contacted by a contracting firm that is looking for cleared Russian linguists for operations with elite military teams in Iraq. Do you believe in coincidence?


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