Around The Bend


With the eyes of the country on whatever the trending trending propaganda is today – most likely accusations of Russia presented without evidence and how Donald Trump is the destroyer of American democracy based on his unwillingness to rule out conceding the election should Hillary Clinton win – I can’t help but express my weariness with all of the nonsense and how many still give any credibility to people and institutions that incessantly lie right to their faces.

I didn’t watch the debate on Wednesday, but I was a bit taken aback to hear Hillary Clinton revealing to the entire world the previously top secret timeline from nuclear launch order to actual nuclear launch. However, I was much less surprised to see that nothing immediately happened as a result even though something certainly should have.

Surely in the background for decades we have slowly been hemorrhaging influence and credibility. The slow drip is now a full pour and has the potential to shortly become a waterfall cascade. At this point it feels like the fear of dramatic reprisal is the only reason everyone outside the comfort of our domestic propaganda bubble hasn’t already completely shuttered their relationships with us the way the Philippines just did. The global realignment will continue to occur behind the scenes until the tipping point is reached and the US is rendered unable to threaten, bully, and cajole everyone into playing ball with our utterly lunatic approach to the world.

So what awaits us around the bend?

From an economic standpoint there are too many dangerous underlying realities to properly put all the pieces together. Demographics alone imply that a crisis for the global financial fiat Ponzi is inevitable. We’ve already borrowed decades if not centuries worth of resources from the future and into the present leading to exponential distortions being necessary to maintain even the failed semblance of a functioning economy. Recent action in the fraud price collections – I can’t call them markets when they are all manipulated – seems to imply that the ESF and its cronies are getting a bit tired of simultaneously propping up the dollar, bonds, real estate, and equities while keeping a lid on precious metals. The old tricks are becoming less and less effective, but I’m sure there are some schemes that are in the pipeline or that are currently active without being disclosed publicly – unlike our nuclear secrets – that are exponentially more ludicrous and fraudulent than the current structure visible at a glance to anyone who cares to look.

The real question is when the overdose point will come. I must admit that I don’t know. I was under the mistaken impression back when QE3 was announced several years ago that surely people would see the unsustainable foolishness that we were stuck in. My faith in Jesus is the only thing that keeps me from wallowing into self-destructive bitterness and cynicism. I have no idea how people who don’t know God can continue to maintain a false peace in their hearts and convince themselves that everything is fine. Surely at some point the pain of maintaining such drastic cognitive dissonance eclipses the pain that the dissonance was originally intended to avoid either consciously or subconsciously.

At this point I feel like the utility of a sharp, rational expose of the current state of the financial system and its inevitable demise and replacement is next to nothing. Surely the hour is so late that all those who can see this have already understood it and all those who do not see it have deliberately chosen their deception. Yet I know that there are billions of people who don’t fit into either of these categories. So what am I to do?

Focus on God. Don’t give in to discouragement. Press on. If even one person reads anything I’ve ever written and it has helped them in their faith, understanding, or preparation, then all of it is worth it. The stakes are higher now than I even dare to comprehend.

Do you feel the historical and eternal weight of the moment we are in?

The bend is getting closer.

Cry out to the Lord.

Jesus saves.


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