Our Silence Is Deafening

All too often we look back into the great tragedies of history and ask ourselves how people could ever allow such evil to happen. Surely they were all monsters. Surely we are more vigilant and would never permit such atrocities. Surely we wouldn’t just sing a little louder…

Historical periods are largely remembered by the worst of what happened rather than the best, particularly when the egregious nature of the worst is such that it overwhelms any and all positive contributions. We like to think of ourselves as enlightened, modern, and sophisticated as a society. How deluded we are! We sneer at traditional values as outdated and barbaric while blood drips from our hands thanks to our silence.

Will history view us as the generation that sat idly by while tens of millions of innocent, defenseless unborn children were slaughtered? Or will history remember us as the generation that put an end to this genocide.

God forgive us!

Lord help us!

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