Ten Days Later – Trump, Purple, And The Future


Today is the tenth day since America – and the world – let out a collective sigh after Donald Trump was declared the President-Elect of the United States. For some it was a sigh of relief that accompanied a profound sense of vindication and a cry of victory. For others it was a sigh of exasperation that accompanied a profound sense of confusion and a cry of grief. Waves of every different emotion swept back and forth across the social media landscape. Plenty of people are still just sick of the whole thing.

Trump’s election was a rare moment of historical inflection. Occasionally events transpire that seem to render everything prior to them obsolete. 9/11 was such a flashpoint. Once these Rubicons are crossed it appears that there is no way to recapture the mindset that previously existed. While most people are likely happy simply to have such a wild and divisive election behind us, the outlook going forward for some has taken on a variety of tones.


One of those tones is literally chromatic: purple. According to many in the corporate media – including the always razor sharp Vanity Fair – it represents a call to unify the red and the blue. However, one interesting thing about symbolism is that symbols can mean several different things simultaneously to different groups depending on preexisting understanding. Suffice it to say that symbols have an exoteric meaning (outward facing, general understanding) and an esoteric meaning (inward facing, exclusive understanding). As ridiculous as Hillary’s outfit appears – the lapel is three steps too far – it’s certainly sending a signal to those who have been previously instructed on how to interpret its meaning fully.

Other outlets have done a thorough job covering the anti-Trump protests, the evidence of systemic organization, the skewed media reporting, and the utter hypocrisy being demonstrated. Here’s my take: these are groups of mostly confused, emotional, younger people without anything better to do alongside a handful of mercenary protesters who are paid to agitate and organize by a variety of supposedly progressive, influential groups with deep pockets. Ultimately I believe that the endeavor will either fizzle out when it gets cold – like Occupy Wall Street – or completely backfire by exposing those who are instigating this dissent and opening them up to criminal liability.

I personally know of someone who has apparently forgotten what a lower case letter is and has participated in some of the so-called protests here in New York. This person didn’t even vote. What we’re observing seems to be the intense, pent up emotion stirred up by flagrant fear-mongering looking for an outlet. It manifests as anger, outrage, and ultimately pure insanity and self-contradictory, self-destructive attitudes and behaviors. It’s the logical result of insecurity and heightened emotion driven by the default social ideologies (at least here in New York) of postmodern relativism and nihilistic existentialism.


But enough of such things.

I’d like to offer a couple words for those who supported Trump and are either panicking because of the meetings he’s taking and the appointments he’s making or are euphorically expecting a smooth transition and a painless, immediate return to total prosperity.

First, everyone needs to be on their toes and to get their heads in the game. The inflection point is past, but the follow up is even more crucial. That being said, I think it would be unwise to jump to conclusions about Trump being compromised by the globalists and the neocons because he’s talking to people, considering them for influential posts, or even giving them significant positions. If the floodgates open to that sort of thing – I don’t suspect they will – and we see George Soros as Secretary of State, then it’ll be time to panic. We should pay attention to these matters, but we must maintain perspective. There are so many moving parts behind the scenes and different layers of tactical objectives, influence management, and personnel calculations being made that anyone who isn’t on the inside of these discussions and deliberations 24/7 can’t make a proper determination about the implications of the process. Moreover, we know that the corporate media is not trustworthy. We have to keep the pressure on, but we shouldn’t drive ourselves crazy with every ebb and flow of the process. Let’s wait until the electoral college confirms the election results and Trump is inaugurated before we get too deep into the day to day and hour by hour shifts that are ongoing.

Last, while progress can be made efficiently on many fronts, there are systemic problems in play currently that will not be instantaneously and irrevocably disarmed by a Trump presidency. Here is a brief list that is by no means exhaustive:

Balkanization of our society and the animosity of identity politics
Unsustainable debt loads at all levels across the globe
The demise of the petrodollar regime
The influence of Satanism and Luciferianism
Radical Jihad in all forms
Fukushima fallout killing the Pacific Ocean
Tainted and restricted food supply
Bursting of demographic bubbles
Escalation of autism and other autoimmune diseases
Junk science regime where cash buys results
Black budget and off book operations
The technological singularity
Genetic manipulation extending to humans
Broken families across the nation
The scourge of addiction in all forms
The total absence of critical thinking and real education

We have an immense responsibility to provide real solutions to those who are starving for answers. Only God can deliver us from the perils that we are facing, and we must turn from our ways and chase after the Lord with everything that we have. The next generation depends on it. Our very lives depend on it. Now is not the time to be sidetracked or fearful. The door is open. We must walk through it.

Cry out to the Lord. Follow God’s will for your life. Leave behind the things you know you must give up. Pursue the truth. Find solutions. Spread the word. Fight the good fight of faith.

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