The Economist’s World In 2017

World in 2017.jpg

A quick bit of background for readers that may not be familiar with the infamous covers of The Economist. Towards the end of the year the magazine – a City of London and Rothschild operation – puts out an issue discussing trends and forecasts for the year ahead. The covers used to be simple photo arrays of influential people and ideas related to the articles inside the issue. For the 2015 and 2016 covers the style shifted significantly. The imagery and symbolism became more convoluted and roused no small bit of speculation about what messages were being communicated.

For the 2017 cover, the style has changed again. The use of divination tools renders the entire structure more overtly occult than it has ever been. This article is not intended to dissect the various potential implications on the signals being sent here. If you’re looking for that type of content there are several hours worth of videos on YouTube produced by people with much more experience with occult symbology.

My point in providing this brief piece is to highlight that we can often get cornered by perceived implications. Here we might think that in 2017 will involve a schism in the Christian church, nuclear war, and Planet X. I don’t suppose I could categorically rule those scenarios out, but I wouldn’t stake much on them coming to pass. We must view these sorts of publications and messages in their proper context. Yes, they are demonstrating the occult more blatantly, continuing in the process where the esoteric symbols become exoteric. Yes, there are connections to various threads of the occult agenda through meaningful figures and illustrations. Yes, this is just plain weird.

However, The Economist is not God. While there is some signalling, keep in mind that the cover last year did not feature Donald Trump in any capacity. The basic function of the magazine continues to be serving as a Keynesian, globalist propaganda rag.

The core paradigm of absolute control by the occult elite must fully unravel if we are going to take concrete steps towards solving the massive problems that face our generation. Feel free to read into the symbology and speculate, but my advice is to avoid getting bogged down in every nook and cranny. It’s easier to wait until 2018 comes around and then back into the signalling.

Most importantly, God is in control. Even with near-total control of institutional structures of power, the occult elite are not omnipotent. See The Omnipotence Override – written shortly before Trump’s election for more on this theme.


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