Retaining Composure In Light Of Pure Evil


We are living in a time when the true nature of the occult elite is being slowly unraveled before the eyes of the world by a distributed network of independent citizen journalists and investigators. Yes, this is a post about PizzaGate, because it is so monumentally significant that it demands to be addressed. The details are available in overabundance on various threads and channels across the internet, so I’m not going to spell out the gory details here. A word of caution: cover yourself in prayer and with the blood of Jesus before researching these topics. The process of investigation itself is nothing short of spiritual warfare.

That being said, what can we conclude at this point? First, the effort to label everything and anything that deviates from the globalist narrative pushed by the occult elite as ‘fake news’ is an obvious propaganda ploy by the controllers of the obsolete media. Efforts to brush aside the investigation into the allegations of horrific crimes as witch hunts fall apart when put under any scrutiny. Their card has been pulled. Everything they’ve done over the past year has backfired. Their credibility is damaged beyond repair. It’s over for them. Enough about that.

Second, pure evil exists and is operating at the highest level of our civilized society. As a culture we generally presume that everyone is basically good but that people make mistakes or don’t understand how to do the right thing. This assumption is an outcropping of moral relativism and the worldview of humanism. It is false – dangerously so. Evil exists. Pure evil exists. At the highest levels the elite are initiated through occult rites into a system that is called by many names. It is Luciferian and Satanic in nature. Almost half a million children ‘disappeared’ last year in America. None of them vanished. Child trafficking, ritual abuse, and sexual abuse are realities that we can no longer ignore because they are too terrible for us to comprehend. If you’re interested in learning more about how to combat these things and how pure evil operates, please review Russ Dizdar’s material.

Third, we must keep working and pursuing the truth at all costs. The efforts of regular people without massive media budgets have broken significant stories and influenced the information that society has access to. There will be nobody from obsolete channels to carry the baton if the independent media drops the case here. The truth is more horrifying than people want to believe, but incontrovertible evidence of the horrible truth is out there. God willing, it will come to light.

Last – and most importantly – God is in control. We must always remember to avoid getting so entranced by the works of darkness that they grip us so tightly that we lose our focus on the Lord. Yes, we are called to expose the works of darkness and to be as wise as serpents and innocent as doves, but we are also called to think on the things that are good and joyful. Finding that balance seems to be more difficult than ever at this moment, but we serve a God who gives us the grace and the power to do the impossible.

More important content from Russ Dizdar on Coach Dave’s show in the video below:

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