The Hagmann & Hagmann Report – Occultism, Earthquakes And The New World Order With Special Guests William Ramsey And Stan Deyo – 12.06.2016


By Jon Robberson

A fair warning to everyone in the Hagmann family: reprobate Satanic elites have declared war on you, your family and your way of life.  And they intend to win.  But Donald Trump won; surely God has given us reprieve.  Maybe He has.  But ask yourself honestly: did God deem it His sovereign will to abolish the leftist, secularist agenda and the morally bankrupt operatives who shove it down your throat?  Oh were it only that easy.

On the 12.06.2016 transmission of The Hagmann and Hagmann Report, join father/son investigative team, Doug and Joe Hagmann along with first time guest, writer, videographer and investigator of the occult, William Ramsey.  The question we are all desperate to better comprehend, if not answer is this: how do the perpetrators of Pizzagate, the demoniacs behind the Clinton Campaign and the shameless purveyors of fake news, aka the main stream media, live with themselves while simultaneously destroying civilization?  How do these outwardly successful, often well heeled and educated people become such evil monsters?  William is also an expert on the deeply embedded occult practices in Hollywood.  We will tackle these and more with our first guest, William Ramsey.  Make a pot of coffee.  Take notes.  You are going to need them.

Every Tuesday in hour three we are blessed and honored to welcome longtime guest and great friend of the Hagmann Report, Stan Deyo on board to offer his highly qualified and truly unique perspective on topics ranging from recent earthquakes to polar shifts, meteoric activity to the possible location of the Garden of Eden .

Get comfortable (but not too comfortable) and prepare to expand your intellect and challenge your spirit as we fearlessly examine: Luciferian Hollywood, Pizzagate, the false flag “fake news” meme and how all of this evil impacts our globe and challenges the life sustenance that was given to us by God.

Hagmann and Hagmann Report broadcasts live every weekday at 7:00pm EST.  Join us and share in the blessing of free speech and the proper exercising of free will.  God bless you all and stay strong!

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