The Hagmann & Hagmann Report 01.06.2017 – Defeating MSM & DC Lies in 2017

By Jon Robberson – Program Director, The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

“A half truth is a whole lie”….Yiddish proverb

Anyone who looks in the mirror and admits they are an info-junkie is having a hard time finding true north in the media.  That is because there is no true north.

American MSM has no integrity or credibility post Nov. 8th 2016.

Conversely, alternative media, or as I like to call us, frontline media, do our level best with the resources that we possess.  But we also “get it wrong” occasionally.

The chasm of confusion here is that our mistakes come from personnel and resource deficiencies that we work tirelessly to mitigate.  The MSM literally own an entire world of assets: technology, property, people and cash.  Their thought crimes over the past two to three decades operated primarily from omission.  Not so today.  As we all try and find our faculties in early 2017, American media are criminally complicit by process of commission.  Big difference.

They lie.

Let’s follow the money.  When I worked for Salem Network, at KKLA, in  2007 and 2008, our “afternoon drive” (3:00pm-6:00pm) host was Frank Pastore.  As a Marketing Consultant, I created and sold sponsorship packages for The Frank Pastore Show.  Our ideal PPS (price per spot) was :60 seconds for several hundred dollars.  Before we go any further, remember that’s several hundred 2007 dollars; a significant difference in the pre ’08 crash/QE era.

Through the course of a single hour of broadcasting, we would run :38 or :39 minutes of the show, :05 to :06 in news, intro and outro and approximately :17 minutes of spot advertising or what average listeners term, commercials.  Always better safe than sorry so you can do the math guesstimate.

But I saved the best for last: KKLA is disregarded by big dog MSM as “fake news”!  To be fair to a company that was more than fair to me, KKLA, The Intersection of Faith and Reason, is 100% legitimate news.  In fact they run a tight, competent outfit.  And a reasonably well funded outfit.

Alternative media relies on extremely dedicated advertising partners and you.

Tonight on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report we are blessed and honored to welcome two new guests into the studio to join Doug Hagmann and perhaps figure out just what in the Sam Hill is going on with the war on integrity.  Who was “Sam Hill” anyway?

In hour one this evening, Hagmann Report founder and host, Mr Douglas J Hagmann will offer deep analysis on his recent investigative findings that can be summarized in three words: prelude to war.  When Doug shared his game plan with me during our morning meeting, he paused and exhaled deeply before uttering those words: prelude to war.

Hour two tonight, at precisely 8:00pm EST, you do not want to miss a single minute with Jon Rappoport, founder of No More Fake News and the immensely popular “Matrix” series.  Mr Rappoport has serious issues on his mind.  Among other things, he will address the cataclysmic brawl between nationalism and globalism and examine, along with Doug, the lies that infest the US Health Care Industry.  Several of Jon’s recent pieces can be found here.

In hour three on The Hagmann Report, everyone at Team Hagmann are excited to hear from the founder of Vessel News and international action hero, Joshua Caplan, who joins us from Montreal, Canada.  Josh curates news on his site from close to one thousand sources that refresh every few seconds.  His primary criteria for a story is not a left/right old-moldy paradigm; Josh is about split second breaking coverage.  Think he’s being messed with lately?  I assure you, he will tell us all about it.

I have a funny feeling about tonight’s program.  I cannot identify exactly what we will learn that is crucial, but my gut tells me that the content of tonight’s show is going to be, on a scale of 1-10…an 11.

You can access our three live platforms here.  Also, a huge THANK YOU to each of you folks  for your support and assisting us in replacing Tech Eric’s thing-a-ma-jig-that-makes-video. We just spoke and we intend to be back up with full video on Monday.

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