The Amateur Society: Sound And Fury – Worldview And The American Divide



Our regular open call will take place tonight, Monday 1/23, at 8:00pm eastern time via Skype. To join in please send us a contact request on Skype by searching for our account name amateursociety. If you have any questions or need clarification, please drop us a line on the contact page here or email us directly at

The first meeting of The Amateur Society following the inauguration of Donald Trump will focus on the state of affairs in our nation, how worldviews impact the division we see, and what can be done to heal the divides that appear to permeate our society. The mission of The Amateur Society, to provide an open forum for the development of critical thinking and worldview analysis, is of crucial import in this moment.

Can we soberly assess the current state of affairs and make progress on the obvious problems that are visible all around us? Will we again return to substantive and exploratory conversation rather than sloganeering and demagoguery? We need amateurs to address the problems created by professionals.

God bless,


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