Listen To The Archive Of Steven Menking On The Parker J. Cole Show


The Amateur Society – The Parker J. Cole Show – 02.04.2017

What happens to a society when truth no longer matters? To those who make that determination, we are currently living in a post-truth society. Truth is now considered to be subjective and inherent within a person’s view of the world. If I want it to be true, then it is.

It brings to question, what happens when all viewpoints are considered valid, regardless if there is an objective standard? If every viewpoint is valid, then nothing would be. What is left is utter chaos.

Join me as we get back to finding out if what we believe and understand is truth as I talk with Steven Menking, founder of The Amateur Society. The Amateur Society is dedicated to creating an open environment where anyone can sharpen their cognitive tools in order to conduct truth-directed inquiry.

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