Putting Away The Idol Of Judicial Supremacy


By Gregg Jackson – original article found here.

Unless and until we slay the Beast of Judicial Supremacy (the lie that the executive and legislative branches must obey all court opinions no matter how illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional) it doesn’t matter what laws we pass in the future.

We perpetuate the lie of Judicial Supremacy every time we utter the words, “we must overturn Roe for abortion to come to an end.

The truth is that courts don’t make law.

And Roe is not, and never has been the, “law of the land.”

Unconstitutional court opinions don’t trump legitimately enacted laws, statutes, and constitutions.

And presidents and state governors possess a moral, legal, and constitutional OBLIGATION to ignore and reject ALL unconstitutional court opinions and to ENFORCE the Supreme Law of the Land and all its provisions.

Judges are not Supreme Kings.

President Trump can and MUST reject and ignore all unconstitutional court opinions starting with Roe v. Wade and END the Abortion Holocaust today by issuing this Proclamation.

Unless the Rule of Law and Right to Life for all innocent human persons from the womb to the tomb are restored none of our other rights can be truly secure and America can’t have any real hope of ever becoming “great again.”

Praying that President Trump does both by God’s Divine Providence and our collective prayers, again, by making this proclamation.

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