Donald J. Trump Is Our President


Today we awake in a world where none other than Van Jones finally realized that Donald J. Trump is here to stay and that he is the President of these United States.

President Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress last night included some generalized policy stances, but it was primarily about values: unity, dignity, safety, peace, ambition, and nationalism. I’ll leave the extended analysis to others more qualified than I and will instead offer a few brief points.

  • How wonderful it is to have a President who speaks from the Word of God in the most memorable and important moment of his speech!
  • President Trump’s message was received with resounding support and positivity as more and more Americans are observing him directly as opposed to through the filter of the obsolete media.
  • In their blanket opposition to President Trump, the Democrats came off as childish and confused when they refused to acknowledge ideas that have near universal support in principle.
  • By taking credit for the rise in the stock market President Trump can now be perceived as the owner of the current bubble regime; this is a risky move as he will be a natural target of blame in the event of a violent unwinding, sabotage or otherwise.
  • There is still an incredible amount of work to be done to bring the country together and solve the problems that are facing us, but it feels like we have a chance now.

Speeches aren’t policy, but they are still extremely important. Should President Trump and America succeed in turning the ship around, this one may very well go down in history.


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