The Amateur Society: Blockchain Ecosystem



Our regular open call will take place tonight, Monday 7/17, at 8:00pm eastern time via Skype. To join in please send us a contact request on Skype by searching for our account name amateursociety. If you have any questions or need clarification, please drop us a line on the contact page here or email us directly at These weekly meetings can be found on Spreaker, YouTube, and on iTunes via the Podcast app.

In the final session of our four week look into the blockchain and its applications, we turn to the ecosystem of the blockchain in its entirety. There are many ongoing debates about how to scale this powerful technology, and while many point to areas of disagreement as a reason to steer clear of blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs, there is another side to this dynamic that is worth considering. We are still in the wild west stage, and many won’t make it through, but there are immense resources being directed to this landscape. ICOs have provided more capital than venture capital thus far in 2017, and the momentum in the space is undeniable. Our final piece of coverage for now will also include highlights and suggestions for handling investments in the blockchain arena. Of course, none of that commentary should be construed as financial advice.

Join us for another engaging and informative conversation tonight at 8:00pm!

God bless,



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