The Amateur Society: What Happened To Leadership?

Washington Crossing the Delaware River by Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze


Our regular open call will take place tonight, Monday 11/13, at 8:00pm eastern time via Skype. To join in please send us a contact request on Skype by searching for our account name amateursociety. If you have any questions or need clarification, please drop us a line on the contact page here or email us directly at These weekly meetings can be found on Spreaker, YouTube, and on iTunes via the Podcast app.

Leadership was once a primary aim of individuals and societies. Now it seems to be relegated to stale-coffee-smelling business conferences filled with tired buzzwords that match the unshakeable feeling that the mildew smell is only being overpowered by the industrial strength cleaning supplies that must be applied between dusk and dawn every day. What happened to leadership? What has filled the void left behind by its absence? Where are the leaders worth following? Can anyone become a leader?

Join us for another engaging and informative conversation tonight at 8:00pm!

God bless,


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