Guest Post: Pastor Mike Spaulding – The Church and Its Mission Today – Part 2


In Part 1 of this series I presented my belief that the Church has for the most part abdicated its position of moral authority in the American culture. Nature abhors a vacuum and thus the hedonists, atheists, humanists, and unconverted self-identifying Christians rushed in to fill that place with their morality. The result is that any vain and evil thing that can be imagined is advocated as normal and celebrated as liberating and natural today. The only liberty and freedom these deviants and their supporters are experiencing is liberty and freedom from conscience. Doctors include this trait in their diagnosis of sociopaths. God describes them as “worthy of death” (Romans 1:32).

The mission of the Church today is multifaceted and I want to touch on a few of those in this series. Let me begin by denouncing the propensity of evanjellyfish to excuse their cultural indifference by appealing to what they think are two unassailable truths: (1) Romans 13 and, (2) Separation of Church and State. What these poor deceived, misguided, duped, and unthinking people do not comprehend is that Romans 13 does not support blind obedience, loyalty, or support for any civil authority that does not uphold good and punish evil as God defines those terms. Read Romans 13 again until the truth of what it says sinks in – governing authorities are to reward good behavior and punish evil behavior. If authorities refuse to fulfill this God-given mandate they are no longer worthy of obedience. When people support the view that all governing authorities are to be obeyed regardless of their behavior then they have become enablers of the continued insanity of what we see today – advocating for men showering with women because the man insists he is a woman, men using women’s bathrooms because again, he says he is a woman, men being permitted to compete with women in athletic events, parents insisting on gender-change operations on their young children and the demonic deception of the so-called gender identity crisis, men marrying men and women marrying women, and the rise and support of the Satanic geopolitical ideology known as Islam, just to name a few things.  By refusing to engage governing authorities and to rebuke them and their upside down morality, Christians bear responsibility for what ensues. Burke had it right when he said that evil will continue if good people do nothing.

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Guest Post: Sgt Tim – The American Spirit – Empowering Communities And Decentralizing Preparedness And Relief


This article from Sgt Tim can be found in its original context on his new website: The Freeman’s Watch

As with every anniversary of the deadly events of September 11, 2001, we will likely be inundated this week with a plethora of articles on the heroes from that day and those that gave their lives that others might live. Though we, as a nation, will never forget the events of that day and the impact it had on our nation, we need look no further than the disaster that struck recently in South Texas, and the events now unfolding throughout Florida and the Southeast to understand that it is a remarkable part of the American spirit to face adversity with a steadfast courage and open heart for those in need. Though I write this article on this, the 16th anniversary of that day in 2001, I am not going to write about those events, the controversy surrounding it, or even about the events of the most recent natural disasters in our country. I prefer to write about my own experience, and those of my family, to illustrate the point that I will make at the conclusion of this article.

I have never been in a hurricane, and I have only been through very mild tremors in the way of earthquakes. However, I have seen my fair share of wildfires that spread through the woods of southeastern Oklahoma, where I grew up, and if you talk about Oklahoma and natural disasters, you have to talk about tornadoes. I have seen a few twisters in my day, as well.

Before I get into the meat of this story, I want to talk a little about someone that from my first breaths in this world was like Superman to me. I lost him in October 2014, but my dad was a very special person in my life, and he instilled in me the values that I carry with me to this day. He believed in working hard and in helping your fellow man. And those two values of his are on display in the first story that I will tell in this article.

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Guest Post: Pastor Mike Spaulding – The Importance Of Being The Church


Click here to view this article from Pastor Mike Spaulding in its original context on his blog from 09.11.2017

“And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in real knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve the things that are excellent, in order to be sincere and blameless until the day of Christ; having been filled with the fruit of righteousness which comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God.” Philippians 1:9-11

One of the most blessed things Christians are privileged to participate in is the life of a local assembly of believers. It might surprise readers to learn that the Bible in both Testaments speaks almost exclusively within the context of local bodies. The Old Testament speaks specifically about the nation, tribes, and families of the Hebrew people. Their story of failure and success in being obedient to God and in becoming the people He desired them to be is a primary storyline of the Old Testament. The New Testament reads like a manual for righteous living within the context of the local church family.

Think about this friends – Matthew wrote for a Jewish audience, Mark a Gentile audience, Luke for the benefit of Theophilus, John to Christians generally speaking, Paul to the churches in Rome, Corinth, Galatia, Ephesus, Philippi, and Colossae to name a few. One thing these letters have in common with the possible exception of Luke is that they were written to churches. One could argue that Paul’s letters to Timothy were written to an individual believer but even then Paul was instructing Timothy on how to handle issues within the body of believers.

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Guest Post: Sgt Tim – Band Aids and Shallow Understanding – Why America Will Not Be Great Again


This article from Sgt Tim can be found in its original context on his new website: The Freeman’s Watch

This is the first article I have written in some time. To be honest, I have thought long and hard about just hanging all of this up, going back to keeping my thoughts and understandings to myself, keeping my head down, and prepping myself and my family up for what’s to come. As of July, due to a number of personal issues I had going on, I had deleted Outlaw Patriot News on WordPress and the Outlaw Patriot social media presence. I pulled out of what little spotlight I had and was set on not writing or appearing on any show any longer. While some will think they know this or that as to the why this happened, I will reiterate that there were many reasons why, and leave it at that.

However, those that have followed my writing for some time know that I feel I was called to provide greater clarity to those with eyes to see and ears to hear, to help them understand some of the undercurrents at work within our nation at the social, political, and cultural level. At times in the past when I have not obeyed this calling, I have been kept awake until I got the thoughts in my head out “on paper”, so to speak, or awakened in the middle of the night and not been able to get back to sleep until I got it all out. Perhaps if I were called to do this, then the Lord in His mercy understood that I needed some time to work some things out in my personal life, in my professional life, and that I just needed a break from all this that is happening around us daily.

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Chris Baucom – Virtual Imperialism: The Conquest of Your Mind


Chris Baucom is the co-host alongside Ross Powell of Remnant Radio Network – available as past of the On the Objective podcast network – ( | Chris is also the founder and editor of Home Grown Prepper (

The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.” —Werner Heisenberg, 1932 Nobel Prize in Physics for the creation of quantum mechanics (which is essential to modern science).

Heisenberg eventually came to the same conclusion as countless other notable scientists throughout history: Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Sir. Joseph J. Thomson (discovered electron), Robert Boyle, and many more.

With each passing day, the marvel of scientific discovery makes it more and more apparent to the most enlightened scholars inhabiting this heavenly body that only God could have created the unimaginable world we live in today.

In the modern age, another group of evangelizers appear bent on dismantling God’s Creation and surrogating it with their own. It’s not scientific discovery that challenges the future of our species; it’s how profiteers will manipulate it to leaven their agendas at any cost. Dare we say this is an attempt to recreate the world in their own image? Does this sound familiar?

“For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.” –Matthew 24:24

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Guest Post: Ross Powell – The Sound Money Schism – Cryptocurrencies vs. Precious Metals


If you’re reading this then you are likely aware of the predatory nature of our global monetary system of central banks, fiat currencies, derivatives, and criminals. In case you haven’t been red-pilled on the absolute robbery that is our current governmental and financial architecture, then please take the time to educate yourself about these topics. Those looking for a place to start can read The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, watch Eric deCarbonnel’s video series on the Exchange Stabilization Fund, or simply try this elegant researching tool.

Now back to business. It’s time for sound money advocates to stop acting like children.

How many times have we seen the same old boring arguments played out in the same old infantile fashion? We get it. Some people view cryptocurrency as a bubble blowing mania doomed to fail. Others view precious metals as being archaic. But everyone generally agrees that the fiat ponzi scheme is a nightmare that seems bizarrely difficult to awaken from.

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Guest Post: Pastor Mike Spaulding – Do As I Say And Not As I Do: The Tragedy Of The James White Interfaith Dialogue


This article from Pastor Mike Spaulding can be found on his website:

The current firestorm related to James White’s decision to facilitate an interfaith dialogue with Imam Yasir Qahdi is puzzling in the least and has become a stumbling block for many who do not understand how White cannot understand that he is “dancing with the devil” as the saying goes.  Mr. White’s response to those critical of his decision has been the polar opposite of remorse and he has in fact dug his heels in and maintained that his actions were right and consistent with what Christians should be doing. Is that true? What bridges can be built to people who teach that Christians who do not submit or convert to Islam should be murdered? What madness is this that has gripped Christians today such that they believe the lie that building bridges to nowhere constitute evangelism? I won’t rehash all of Mr. White’s actions related to this in detail. You can read about that here –

What I wish to address is the support Mr. White has received. Surprisingly a couple of people with very different perspectives, one might say two people with theological beliefs very much at odds with one another, have stepped into the fray to defend Mr. White’s error. I am speaking of Phil Johnson and Michael Brown. This has added a layer of intrigue to the entire situation but has also served to obfuscate the truth of what critics of White’s decision to promote an interfaith dialogue have been saying. By engaging in what appear to be damage control activities on behalf of Mr. White, Johnson seems to have exposed himself as a hypocrite of the highest order. You can be the judge of whether or not that is true based on the information contained in this article. His previous statements seem to be completely contradictory to his stated position concerning James White’s ecumenicalism, or to use the new and improved phrase, interfaith dialogue.

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