Guest Post: Leading Like Jesus? – Pastor Mike Spaulding


Lead like Jesus! Sounds super spiritual and to use today’s hipster pastor language, “way cool!” There are blog posts, multiple articles, even books all dedicated to assisting readers in leading like Jesus lead. The question is, what does that even mean?

In many instances today, authors, speakers, and writers paint a picture of the compassion, mercy, forgiveness, patience, tolerance, and unbounded grace of Jesus. While Jesus is all those things, it doesn’t follow that is His leadership style. The fact is, modern Western Christianity has created a sad caricature of the biblical Jesus.

In Mark 10:32 we read that Jesus and the disciples were on the road once again, this time to head to Jerusalem. This verse says “and Jesus was walking ahead of them, and they were amazed, and those who followed were fearful.” The context of this passage and the place it sits within the overall narrative of Mark’s Gospel is important to understand.

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Guest Post: Jon Robberson – Tech Tyrants Collude With Homeland Security “Media Influencers” Are The Target


“It’s very easy to tell the truth when you don’t have anything to hide.” Rochelle Richardson, Diamond and Silk

Consumers of New Media news content should not rest easy.  The platforms that you rely on to counterbalance the perpetual fake news and relentless false narratives are being systematically silenced, bled dry by lawfare and now those of us who work endless hours to parse through the news, brainstorm the programs and frame the content are being scrutinized and added to lists of “influencers.”

“Media Influencers”

April 5, 2018 was a dark day.  Cary O’Reilly, writing for Bloomberg Government, penned an article that jolted the spines of New Media personnel worldwide and instigated a queasy feeling that many of us have yet to shake.  O’Reilly’s article is titled Homeland Security to Compile Database of Journalists, Bloggers.

There are a number of components to this story.  Essentially the DHS is seeking bids from private companies that will monitor 290,000 global news sources and subsequently craft a database of “media influencers” based (in part) on the “sentiment” of the respective news sources.  Currently, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is entertaining seven separate bids from seven private “big data” companies.  Secretary Nielsen does not generate income; she can only spend her ever expanding budget, a budget paid for entirely with your ever expanding tax obligation.

This article will educate and inform each of you with the big picture and then I will utilize my position as the Producer of The Hagmann Report to present definitive examples of precisely how this Hitlerian compilation of “media influencers” is already affecting the content creators who many of you have grown to trust for your news and information.

Please bear with me as I break from my typical writing style and shift to first person.  My strategy is to map out the plan as reported by Bloomberg Government, Forbes and Activist Post (among many others) and then I will shift the focus of this piece to the direct impact on platforms as diverse as Diamond and Silk, Steve Quayle, Lisa Haven News, Vets 4 Child Rescue and The Hagmann Report.

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Guest Post: Bill Chapman – The Color Of Thought


When Donald Trump was busy running casinos, developing real estate, and starring in award winning reality television shows, no one, not a single person in the media ever accused him of being a racist. After several flirtations with the decision to run for the highest office in the land, in June of 2015 after a short ride down the escalator at Trump Tower, he made his decision public and put in motion a series of events that would turn history upside down.

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Guest Post: Jon Robberson – Can the Deep State “JFK” President Trump?

Jackie Kennedy and JFK waving to a crowd from the streets of New York City.

America Haters

Ask any of the secular-progressive pollywogs, in any of the mindless relativist fishbowls in America what the two darkest days of their lives are and they will echo each others’ hivist- hysteria with: November 8, 2016 and January 20, 2017.

Half of America (inhabiting over 90% of the actual real estate) believe that those two dates are perhaps the two greatest God-shot miracles in the history of American politics.

Conversely, the anarchist reprobates, the no information consumer class and Clintonista baby killers are convinced that on those dates America capitulated into facism; a political ideology that 99% of those urbanite idiots could not define even if proffered (yet another) blank check with their name on it.

As we explore this analysis of the political possibilities that face 45th President of the United States, President Donald J Trump, consider the baseline of ignorance that more often than not precedes the violence instigated by the left.  Their shrill rhetoric, stupid signs and street thug behavior are clearly demonstrable of Mussolini’s Black Shirts and Hitler’s Brown Shirts, prior to, and throughout World War Two.

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Guest Post: Jon Robberson – Censorship War Goes Hot – Shots Fired at YouTube & TruNews is the Latest YouTube Casualty


On Tuesday April 3, 2018, just before The Hagmann Report went live on-air, the studio lit up with news that came as a shock but no surprise.

Animal Rights Activist Goes on a Shooting Rampage

Reports poured in that at least four individuals had been shot at 901 Cherry Street, in San Bruno, California; just a few miles south of San Francisco.  911 dispatchers noted the familiar address immediately.  There was an active shooter at the global headquarters of YouTube.

As we prepared to go on air with the planned lead story (President Trump’s order to put active duty military on the US/Mexican Border) an innocent gunshot victim hobbled across the street from YouTube’s employee patio and into a Carl’s Jr restaurant.  Her leg was bleeding profusely and patrons dropped their burgers and began trying to stanch the bleeding; at first with wads of napkins and a volunteered T-shirt, minutes later and more successfully, with a bungee cord.

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Guest Post: Bill Chapman – Smells Like Teen Brains


Margaret Mead, a famous anthropologist once said “Children should be taught how to think, not what to think.” In the 1930s, Adolf Hitler utilized the young people of Germany as propaganda puppets in order to communicate his vision for Germany. These young people were part of a group called “Hitler Youth.” This group of young people ages 13-18, were part of a master plan concocted by an evil dictator to capture the hearts and minds of a country through an indoctrination plan. The plan consisted of subverting the political discourse of the day with messages and demonstrations that supported the Nazi regime and its viewpoints.  Hitler believed that the key to the longevity of the Nazi movement was convincing a generation of young people that they were being patriotic by advancing these ideas of Nazi dominance and the need to exterminate lesser populations. Hitler believed that by using young people as the ministers for this warped theology as time moved forward, there would be a lasting impact on society as a whole.

Fast forward to current day America. A mass shooting happens in a school in south Florida. The media is quick to amplify the voices of a select group of teenagers involved above and beyond those of other teenagers involved who are not so eager to push a narrative. Overnight this group of carefully chosen teenage mouthpieces are shepherded into a national spotlight and become instant poster children for a movement dedicated to removing weapons from the hands of Americans.

Celebrities rushed in with adulation and hard cash to crown this new clique of young people as the voice of all American youth demanding gun control. Millions of willing teenage followers jumped on the gun control bandwagon in what is in essence a global game of “Simon Says.”

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Guest Post: Jon Robberson – Social Justice Monsters


“The idea of heaven is Christianity’s way of creating hell on earth.” Marilyn Manson

“Hell does not exist – what exists is the disappearance of sinful souls.” Pope Francis

Evil malingers around humankind, and has, since the moment the serpent beguiled Eve, but today it is manifest and walks among us.

Corrupted Culture

We exist in a fallen world and live in a failing country.  Sub rosa cultures, aggressively adopted by leftist relativists and their mainstream media cohorts are corrosive, dark religions previously relegated to inner urban American dystopia now infiltrating suburbia, the Christian Church and your home.

In 1989 and 1990 the rave culture immigrated from

London and Tokyo to San Francisco and New York.  A few years previous, Goth darkened the grunge world with the emergence of Trent Reznor and Marilyn Manson.  Marilyn Manson, the preacher’s kid who contracted for fame through demonic brokerage and stated “I want to end Christianity through music.”

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