Guest Post: Russia Applauds Nuking Florida and Hillary Clinton Paid for It! – Jon Robberson


President Vladimir Putin addressed the Federal Assembly, including the State Duma Parliamentarians, regional governors, members of the Federation Council and other high ranking Russian officials in Moscow on March 1, 2018, eight days ago.  His words, however, are timeless in their warrior-profundity and practicality for our future.

The Speech:

President Putin did not mince words and his words would have resonated with average Americans like a locomotive between the eyes. Except average Americans never heard President Putin’s remarks.

Main Stream Media decided for you that Putin’s words and the video that he played to roaring applause from Russia’s elite, are unimportant, even while CNN, MSNBC and the networks carp and cry about purported collusion between President Donald J Trump and Russia. Collusion that never occured.

What did occur was Vladimir Putin enumerating classified weapons systems (again to thunderous applause) that are faster, quieter, carry higher payloads and are so stealthy that any foe may be annihilated before detection of said weapons.  Also, according to President Putin, “there is no range limitation.”

Should Americans be aware of this?

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Guest Post: The New Media Must Survive the Network Media Mindset – Jon Robberson


Will the truth go underground?  Will Silicon Valley Neophytes, the nuevo riche servants of a global Luciferian agenda drive the truth from the American experience by crushing public New Media platforms?  If major changes do not occur, the answer is yes.

Censorship and “Hate Speech” Is Not “Us”

The new censorship is working.  The new censorship is not a social trend.  The new censorship is nothing new, but from ancient Rome to Nazi Germany it kills the truth, exterminates sovereignty and germinates empires.

Specific, targeted algorithms watching for words you cannot use, or phrases you cannot say on the platforms that have proven over recent years that we are powerful through our pursuit of truth will continue and it will worsen.

Most of you have probably read at least one or two articles explaining the first twist of the mega-corporate vise that a very small handful of control freaks are successfully implementing to shut us up and shut us down.

First of all, who is “us”?  The Dutch underground during Nazi occupation of The Netherlands had a whispered phrase, “Us is us.”  There is no political agenda or socioeconomic strata that comprises the exponentially exploding New Media audience.  The only common market demand of the aforementioned audience is: we want the truth.

We do not want TelePrompTer truth.  We do not want tabloid novelty.  We are not trendy.

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Guest Post: Censorship Wars – Jake Morphonios And Victurus Libertas Speak Out In Their Own Words – Jon Robberson


“There are times in life when those of us who refuse to be herded into the cattle car of convenient thought, those of us who have no interest in parroting our favorite news-heads can barely rest.  This is one of those times.”  Jon Robberson

“These are the times that try mens’ souls.” Thomas Paine, American Crisis

For those of you who have been tracking my attempts to chronicle the YouTubeFacebookTwitterGoogle New Media Saturday Night Massacre, starting with an analysis of the trouble that the Tech Tyrants caused Dr Jerome Corsi and followed by a presentation of two hypothesis as to why the socials are silencing us, I want to say “Thank you.”  There will be a subsequent part to said efforts and it will post early this week.

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Guest Post: Dr. Jerome Corsi Is The Latest YouTube Casualty – Jon Robberson


Approximately a half hour ago, we received word at The Hagmann Report Studio that by threatening to delete a popular conservative YouTube channel, the Tech Tyrants tossed yet another critical member of the truth movement onto the Nazi Brownshirts’ bonfire.

Veteran journalist, Infowars Bureau Chief for Washington DC, best-selling author and highly valued Hagmann Report guest, Dr Jerome Corsi is no longer on YouTube.  His channel is still active, but the content is no longer there.

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Steven Menking On The Hagmann Report Tonight (02.26.2018) @ 8:00pm Eastern!


Bad news: The Amateur Society is postponed from tonight until tomorrow 02.27.2018.

Good news: The Amateur Society has been postponed because Steven Menking will be appearing again on The Hagmann Report to cover economics, spirituality, and cryptocurrencies!

Tune in live at the link below or catch the archives on YouTube:

Also check out The Hagmann Report for new content daily including material from The Amateur Society and On the Objective:

Steven Menking Will Be On The Hagmann Report Tonight (10.19.2017) From 7:00pm – 8:00pm Eastern!

HH 08172017

Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters: I will be appearing on The Hagmann Report tonight at 7:00pm Eastern! You can live stream the broadcast – or catch the archive – at the link below. Tonight I will be discussing the current state of affairs, what Christians must do in this hour, cryptocurrency, the JFK files, and anything else the Holy Spirit leads us into. I appreciate your prayers as I prepare for another hour with the Hagmanns who have been so generous to invite me on several times after my debut segment one year ago. All glory to God!

Steven Menking – The Hagmann Report – 08.16.2017

HH 08172017

Steven Menking appeared on The Hagmann Report in the first hour of the program on 08.16.2017. Catch this dynamic discussion of worldview analysis, the failure of dialogue, spiritual deception, the toxic atmosphere, upcoming economic checkpoints, and the potential for the blockchain architecture to buffer against the most severe consequences of a confidence crisis. Why hasn’t President Trump stopped the market manipulation? What must Christians do in response to the challenges of this hour? Enjoy Steven’s hour, and be sure to catch hours two and three with William Murray and Pastor David Lankford as well!