From the Desk of Sgt Tim: Polarization Breaking Point


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There is power in words. The ancients knew it…anyone that has studied any of the various occult systems knows that many of their teachings centers around not just the incantation of words popularized in cartoons and TV, but in the writing of words, especially on objects such as stone that would stand the test of time. In the Norse system of magic, the power was achieved through the writing of words in runes and the drawing of elaborate symbols that channeled the energy from the spirit world into the physical world. In some systems of Qabbalah, each letter has power and the arrangement of those letters draws the power into the medium on which the letters are written.

In addition, the spoken word has power, as I referenced above, not just through incantation, but names have power. The ancients believed that many of the demons and devils, and even the deities (which in my belief, they were one and the same) they worshipped, had names that they were to be called by and then they had “true” names and the knowledge of the “true” name would give you power over that entity. Because I know that words have power, this is why you will never hear or see me write the name of the enemy of our Lord, and our enemy, because to do so draws his attention to you. And yes, I know that we have been given the power to tread over our enemies, but just because I can call in an airstrike and drop a 500lb bomb on the heads of my enemies doesn’t mean I am going to broadcast on his channels, to use military logic. Because there is power in words.

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Unrestricted Warfare: The Blueprint by which the United States Could be and IS BEING Crippled


Sgt Tim

Senior Editor, Outlaw Patriot News

Brothers and sisters, I humbly come before you with these words of warning, of a possible, and some would even say probable, disaster that is being prepared for the people of the United States. While I say this, I want to also be clear that I do not know for sure that it will come to pass, but as you will deduce, not only are elements of this plan already being put into motion – and have been in motion for some time – but certain elements have been staged for a very real threat that could bring this country to its knees within moments and in a manner through which would take our country unawares. It is a threat that would never need a single shot fired by our enemies, but the people themselves will destroy the nation for them, and then beg for foreign troops to restore order. I do not write these words to strike fear into anyone, but simply as a warning that you, dear reader, might prepare yourself for the eventuality. Do not be fooled – those that mock our Lord are not our friends and the communists openly mock the Most High. For this reason, do not believe that the communist Chinese are our allies or friends – they are deceivers and deception is a tool of the enemy.

May the Lord turn the weapons of our enemies against them, and lay low those that seek the destruction of our nation. Though many be turned from and cut off from Him in these days of turmoil within our country, may He remember the faithful and hear their pleas for time to restore our republic! – Sgt Tim

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The Bear, the Dragon, and the Eagle: The Unexpected Culprit of American Civil Unrest Hiding in the Shadows


Sgt Tim
Senior Editor,
Outlaw Patriot News
Contributor, The Hagmann Report

Last week, I sat down to write about what happened in the situation behind Gen. Flynn’s resignation, the counter-coup against the coup d’état that Steve Pieczenik described in the run up to the November election, the illegality of it, and the dangers of the very real battle going on behind the scenes within the US intelligence community. Certainly, there is much there to discuss, but each time I started to write, I kept having the feeling that something was missing from my analysis. For those that have viewed my appearance on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report in August of last year, you heard me mention a political atmosphere within the intelligence community, and that atmosphere has only worsened as lines have been drawn between the two sides.  As the week progressed, most of the points that I wanted to make were already being made within the free media despite attempts by the fake stream media to confuse the facts. I sat down on Saturday with my brothers in Christ, Steven Menking of the Amateur Society, and Jon Robberson, producer and associate editor of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, to discuss issues going on within our country on the weekly On the Objective podcast and as Jon and I talked, the thought suddenly hit me. I don’t know why I didn’t see it before, but something much larger was at work here, the culmination of a long-term strategy, playing out before our eyes.

Woe unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the LORD, and their works are in the dark, and they say, Who seeth us? and who knoweth us?

Isaiah 29:15

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Back to the Future: Will War Change Focus of Trump Presidency?


Sgt Tim

Senior Editor, Outlaw Patriot News

Often overlooked in discussion of the George W. Bush presidency is the fact that in 2000, he campaigned on a platform of less military intervention and nation-building. After almost a decade of military interventionism and adventurism by the Clinton presidency, which saw actions taken primarily in Africa, the Middle East, and the former Yugoslavia, the American people were tired of playing police to a world that was growing increasingly more chaotic after the collapse of the bi-polar world system of the Cold War. Certainly, that campaign platform took a major back-burner following the actions on 11 September, 2001. No matter your opinion on those attacks, the persons responsible, or what exactly happened that day, it cannot be denied that in the days and weeks subsequent to that event, and the general feeling in the country, it would have been practically impossible for George W. Bush to follow his initial foreign policy platform. People can say what they wish of George W. Bush, but my personal opinion is that he likely believed in the platform. However, being surrounded by globalist hawks within his administration that saw the opportunity to establish a new enemy for the US military, and thus, secure funding for a major buildup in military spending and just cause for military action, he was not allowed to follow that policy. Whatever the case may have been – and none of us outside of his inner circle really will ever know for sure – after that fateful day in September, the American people also cried out for a response to the attack.

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Reprieve or Ruin?

By Sgt Tim

Senior Editor, Outlaw Patriot News


Over the past few years, the United States has experienced an increase in the number of civil unrest incidents. From the protests turned violent in Ferguson to this past weekend’s events at UC Berkley, it seems that the fabric of these once United States is coming undone and fraying at the ends. With articles like this one from the Associated Press, with its more subtle hints, to the out and out hit pieces in the mainstream media – not just on President Trump but on the conservative right as a whole – the press is pushing the idea that people are in a state of unease over the actions of our new president and the political climate in general. In truth, by raw numbers, perhaps there is need to be uneasy, but the truth is that across the country, something far more sinister is at work here, and has been at work for many years to get us where we are now. I ask you to bear with me to the end of this article, and to hang in there, as I have come to understand that my thinking is not always linear on these topics, and for some of you, this may take you further down the rabbit hole than you have ever been…

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Fathers and Children, по американский


By Sgt Tim – Senior Editor, Outlaw Patriot News


Husbands, love your wives, and be not bitter against them.

  • Colossians 3:19, King James Version

Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right. Honour thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise;) That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth. And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

  • Ephesians 6:1-4, King James Version


As those of you that are long-time readers or have looked over the archives of some of my previous writing know, my father passed away 2 years ago, this past fall. When I was on my way back from an extended overseas tour in Germany 2 years prior to that, he was in the hospital and it didn’t look like he was going to make it out.  I had just checked into my new unit and immediately went on leave to travel to North Texas to be at his side. I didn’t even change out of my uniform before the 6-hour drive, just wanting to get there all the faster – and besides, I figured the old man would get a kick out seeing me in my uniform. That is one of those very surreal moments in the life of a person – seeing the man that you literally thought was a super-hero like Super Man, humbled, lying in a hospital bed, weak, and seemingly on his last legs. He didn’t think he was going to make it out of that bed, either, and we spent that first night sitting up, talking.

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Podcast: Russia, Intelligence, & Media – Sgt Tim – 01.14.2017


Join Steven as he interviews Sgt Tim of Outlaw Patriot News ( Sgt Tim just finished up a 20 year career in the military including several years in Russia as a linguistic specialist, translator, and interpreter. The conversation covers the unclassified version of Sgt Tim’s background, his thoughts on the Russian people, a look into the On the Objective platform, and an exhortation for the remnant Christian community to be all hands on deck in 2017. Don’t miss this episode of The Amateur Society! Email us at if you are being led to get involved.

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NDAA 2017, The Countering Foreign Propaganda And Disinformation Act, And OPM Collection Of Publicly Available Social Media Information


Sgt Tim

Senior Editor, Outlaw Patriot News

Much has been made over the past week or so following the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2017 by Obama of the insertion into it of HR 5181, the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act, and what it means for the independent media. I definitely urge everyone that reads this article to read those two pieces of legislation and come to their own conclusions on what this law means for free and independent media, and how it will affect the covering of world, national, and local level events. In a time when public confidence in the old media is waning after the past year of clear attempts to influence the election in the direction of one candidate and party – and a candidate and party that was shown to have rigged their own primaries and put national security at risk by knowingly storing extremely sensitive information on an unsecured private network.  But in this article, I wanted to show to the American public, and in particular the portion of the public that does rely on independent media to stay informed on current events, how this law comes together with a recent policy within the Office of Personnel Management (which handles the vast majority of security clearance background investigations) that could very well impact the careers of truth seekers, truth tellers, and whistleblowers within the US intelligence community.

Do you remember a little over a year ago when some 50 intelligence analysts from US CENTCOM alerted the Pentagon that intelligence reports that they were putting together were being altered in order to give the appearance that the war against ISIS was going better than it actually was? They took their concerns to the Inspector General following complaints being ignored by superiors. And some who complained were forced into retirement and others just simply walked away. Apparently senior leadership was changing the reports for political gain of the current administration.

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Sgt Tim – The Ghost of Fake News Past: Amber Lyon Blew the Whistle on CNN Fake News Long Ago


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Sgt Tim – Senior Editor, Outlaw Patriot News

Assuredly, some of you remember the story of Amber Lyon, the CNN reporter that blew the lid off of the practices at CNN and CNN International in regards to their placement of stories at the behest of countries that pay, and her assertion this year that the US government does the same in order to squash stories that are unfavorable and promote stories that they want in the public eye. However, there are likely some of you, also, that either don’t remember the tale or simply don’t remember the specifics. So, let us take a walk down memory lane just a short way and remember this story and look how it relates to the current surge from MSM and the out-going Obama administration in their talk of “fake news” and “domestic propagandists”…

(Cue “Gilligan’s Island” theme song: “Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip…”)

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