NDAA 2017, The Countering Foreign Propaganda And Disinformation Act, And OPM Collection Of Publicly Available Social Media Information


Sgt Tim

Senior Editor, Outlaw Patriot News

Much has been made over the past week or so following the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2017 by Obama of the insertion into it of HR 5181, the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act, and what it means for the independent media. I definitely urge everyone that reads this article to read those two pieces of legislation and come to their own conclusions on what this law means for free and independent media, and how it will affect the covering of world, national, and local level events. In a time when public confidence in the old media is waning after the past year of clear attempts to influence the election in the direction of one candidate and party – and a candidate and party that was shown to have rigged their own primaries and put national security at risk by knowingly storing extremely sensitive information on an unsecured private network.  But in this article, I wanted to show to the American public, and in particular the portion of the public that does rely on independent media to stay informed on current events, how this law comes together with a recent policy within the Office of Personnel Management (which handles the vast majority of security clearance background investigations) that could very well impact the careers of truth seekers, truth tellers, and whistleblowers within the US intelligence community.

Do you remember a little over a year ago when some 50 intelligence analysts from US CENTCOM alerted the Pentagon that intelligence reports that they were putting together were being altered in order to give the appearance that the war against ISIS was going better than it actually was? They took their concerns to the Inspector General following complaints being ignored by superiors. And some who complained were forced into retirement and others just simply walked away. Apparently senior leadership was changing the reports for political gain of the current administration.

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Sgt Tim – The Ghost of Fake News Past: Amber Lyon Blew the Whistle on CNN Fake News Long Ago


Fellow amateurs, this latest article from Sgt Tim over at Outlaw Patriot News is well worth your time. You can find the article in its original setting here.


Sgt Tim – Senior Editor, Outlaw Patriot News

Assuredly, some of you remember the story of Amber Lyon, the CNN reporter that blew the lid off of the practices at CNN and CNN International in regards to their placement of stories at the behest of countries that pay, and her assertion this year that the US government does the same in order to squash stories that are unfavorable and promote stories that they want in the public eye. However, there are likely some of you, also, that either don’t remember the tale or simply don’t remember the specifics. So, let us take a walk down memory lane just a short way and remember this story and look how it relates to the current surge from MSM and the out-going Obama administration in their talk of “fake news” and “domestic propagandists”…

(Cue “Gilligan’s Island” theme song: “Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip…”)

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Sgt Tim – Why The Supposed CIA Claim Of Russian Interference In US Elections Should Be Disregarded


This exceptional article from intelligence expert Sgt. Tim was originally posted on Outlaw Patriot News

For most Americans, the intelligence community is this shadowy web of agencies entwined together with seemingly no distinguishing factors between all of the various acronyms and names. Even with revelations coming from dubious sources that seem to explain the inter-workings of these agencies and the people within them, it can be difficult to untangle the twisted mass into anything that makes sense. Even more complicated can be where the missions and responsibilities between the various agencies overlap and lines are blurred. It is my hope in writing this article, as someone with over 20 years of experience within this community to untangle the web just a little and show why assertions by some within the CIA that Russia “hacked” the US election should be disregarded as a non-story and hopefully the reader will understand that this agenda being pushed by the MSM and establishment politicians is the real “fake news”.

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Sgt Tim – How President-Elect Trump Can Improve Relations with Russia: The Reagan Formula


This article was originally posted by Sgt Tim at Outlaw Patriot News: How President-Elect Trump Can Improve Relations with Russia: The Reagan Formula


As President-Elect Trump begins to formulate his policies and strategies over the course of his term, it is imperative that he address the growing tension between the US and Russia and work to alleviate the damage done over the past twenty years in US-Russian relations. A good first step would be re-addressing the confidence and security building measures and partnerships that arms control treaties negotiated by the Reagan administration provided.

Many point to the accomplishments of President Ronald Reagan and his policies in dealing with the Soviet Union as what led to the US winning the Cold War. However, this popular theory is somewhat incorrect as what caused the ultimate dissolution of the Soviet Union was its inability to keep up with the US as a global power because of the structure of the socialist system and the tremendous burden of that system on the economy of the country. Planned economies have no way to deal with the realities of changes in the market and changes in supply and demand which will inevitably cause the downward spiral of such economies. Reagan and his administration understood this very well, and understood that there was a groundswell of support within the general populace of the Soviet Union for change, something that the Communist Party was not willing to embrace. Gorbachev was willing to institute some free market policies into the economic plan of the Soviet Union, but didn’t understand that once the Soviet people tasted the freedom and fruits of capitalization, that they would push for more and greater freedoms across the entire spectrum. It was this organic push that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union more than anything that any outside pressure could have done.

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Sgt. Tim – Why I Support Donald Trump for the Presidency


We have twelve days before November 8, the day this country will select the next President of the United States of America. Those of you that are regular readers of Outlaw Patriot News and have heard me in some of my appearances know that for some time I have expressed my doubts in Donald Trump as president, not from a position of supporting Hillary Clinton or any of the third party candidates, but I have had some trouble with some of the things he has said during the course of his campaign and his demeanor. I am not talking about the comments the media has spent so much time covering taken from a hot mic inside of a bus. If you have ever sat in a room full of military guys, you have heard much worse than what Trump said, anyhow – and, no, they are not sexual predators, either, but alpha male types have a tendency to try and show their prowess of conquest and as unacceptable as it may be, sometimes that runs into some pretty offensive talk. Besides, saying something like that is one thing, but actually raping women and then paying them off or covering it up in other ways, as the husband of the Democratic candidate did with her aid and complicity, is another. Yes, there was the parade of women recently claiming sexual assault by Trump, but this was the first they had spoken of it, and while I am definitely not into bashing victims here – it is odd that the timing of these claims coincide nicely with trying to influence the election.

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Sgt. Tim – Wag the Dog 2016: Is Trouble Imminent Between the United States and Russia?


This post was written by my brother in Christ and friend of The Amateur Society Sgt. Tim of Outlaw Patriot News. Find more of his material by clicking the link.


I had trouble sleeping night before last. I had a sick dog that began throwing up around 12:30 at night and after getting her settled down, it took me a while to get settled in for sleep myself. Once I got to sleep, I had a dream that left me a bit shaken when I awoke yesterday morning. It had the look and feel of one of those old WWII movies, down to the colorization and everything (I know that supposedly we don’t dream in color, but I remember colors in my dreams, so I don’t know…). I was in a foxhole, strapped with gear, with some of the guys I have worked with over the years and others. While everything felt like a WWII movie, we never referenced the Germans, but instead were talking about the Russians in the tree-line across from us. When I woke up, I saw that several veterans I follow through social media have been having similar dreams over the past few weeks. Certainly, the case could be made that it is simply the anxiety and stress of the current world situation, one that the media either ignores or looks to score propaganda points over. But it is those that served and in particular capacities that see the true danger of the current situation, and whether they realize it or not, perhaps this is seeping into their subconscious and affecting their dreams. Whatever the case may be, I awoke with a weight pressing on me, something weighing on my heart that told me that it is more likely than not that in the coming 4 days, when the news cycle typically scales down and following the debate, something big could happen in Syria that will have a profound effect on US – Russian relations.

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Standing at the Precipice : How We Got Here and How Cold War 2.0 Will Play Out

Please take the time today to check out this must-read piece from Sgt Tim at Outlaw Patriot News! This timely and comprehensive analysis is guaranteed to inform you about aspects of the current US/Russia geopolitical dynamic that you weren’t previously aware of. I know I learned a thing or two (or a couple dozen).