Podcast: SER – Dr. Mike Live Episode 2 – The Truth Will Make You Free


In this episode of Dr. Mike Live I discuss truth. The Bible says the truth will make you free.

Friends we are in a battle today for truth.

  • Not my version of truth.
  • Not your version of truth.
  • Not the media’s version of truth.

Our battle for truth recognizes that we submit ourselves to God’s truth; we honor and obey God’s truth, and we help others to discover THE truth.

Links to videos played in this episode:

https://youtu.be/e7wc4z2QGKU Black Pilled – Group Think and Why They Need To Censor Us
https://youtu.be/vrKs_vduiKU Truthstream Media – Social Media Censoring

Podcast: SER 158 – Calvary Perspectives 001 – The New Apostolic Reformation Part 1


Hi friends. This is the initial Calvary Perspectives episode. In this series I will be discussing topics that are important for the body of Christ to understand. Joining me will be Paul and Adam, the two elders that serve with me at Calvary Chapel of Lima.

If you have a topic you would like for us to discuss on the show, email them to me – pastormike@cclohio.org

Podcast: SER – Dr. Mike Live Episode 1 – Coach Dave And Social Justice


Pastor Mike Spaulding has launched a new weekly interactive broadcast, Dr. Mike Live! The group meets every Monday at 6pm E. For more information and to join the huddle head over to https://drmikelive.com/

On the inaugural episode of Dr. Mike Live the topic is social justice. Coach Dave joins Pastor Mike for a powerful and important discussion.

Podcast: SER 157 – Pastor Carl Gallups – Gods of Ground Zero


Most Christias affirm an understanding of the Genesis story that includes the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Some can even explain what the fall meant for our first parents and for all of humanity after them.

But there exists a near total absence of understanding when it comes to associating the debauchery and depravity manifesting across America and indeed the world today, with the events of the Garden of Eden.

What would be your reaction if someone suggested to you that the real message of Eden is not something to be relegated to antoquity but is instead central to what we see today and will see in the near future? What would you say if somone told you that Jesus spokie of Eden from Calvary’s Cross?

Stay tuned for my conversation with author, speaker, researcher, and Pastor, Carl Gallups in this episdoe of SER.

Carl’s website – www.carlgallups.com

Podcast: SER 155 – Paul and Adam – Staying the Course in Biblically Illiterate Times Part 2


Hi friends. This episode is part 2 of my conversation with Paul and Adam, the elders who serve with me at Calvary Chapel of Lima. This conversation picks up where we left off in part 1 where we discuss the theology of the prosperity gospel and the history behind it. There is some overlap between this episode and part 1 to establish context.