When the Music Stops

Global financial institutions have been playing a game of musical chairs since the financial crisis of 2008. In a normal game of musical chairs there are rounds in which the music stops and one player at a time is eliminated due to a deficit of chairs. In this game of financial musical chairs even eliminating one player has been an unacceptable outcome to policymakers for economic and primarily political reasons. However, the chairs have continued to be removed while everyone continues to dance around and the players have convinced themselves either that there will always be a chair for them or that the music will never stop. As a result, we are looking at a final round day of reckoning for the current global financial system of a magnitude that cannot be fully grasped. Not only is there just one chair left and dozens of players still in the game: the game is being played on the deck of the sinking ship of fiat currency. Where does the Brexit fit into this apropos yet admittedly clunky analogy?

It means the music has stopped.

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