Podcast: On the Objective – We Must Stop Child Abuse – Mellisa ‘Honeybee’ Zaccaria – 07.16.2018


Join your host Steven Menking as he sits down with Mellisa ‘Honeybee’ Zaccaria to discuss the latest from the production of her documentary Kids Inc. Mellisa is an intrepid researcher who has helped many families and children directly through support and investigation as well as indirectly by spreading awareness about institutional corruption and the abuse of children. Boldly facing evil is something that can only be done in reliance and accordance to the will of God. Be wary yet bold, aware yet optimistic, and strong yet tender. Today is the day of awakening, salvation, and righteousness. Thanks for joining us On the Objective!

Mellisa Zaccaria

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Guest Post: Bill Chapman – Smells Like Teen Brains


Margaret Mead, a famous anthropologist once said “Children should be taught how to think, not what to think.” In the 1930s, Adolf Hitler utilized the young people of Germany as propaganda puppets in order to communicate his vision for Germany. These young people were part of a group called “Hitler Youth.” This group of young people ages 13-18, were part of a master plan concocted by an evil dictator to capture the hearts and minds of a country through an indoctrination plan. The plan consisted of subverting the political discourse of the day with messages and demonstrations that supported the Nazi regime and its viewpoints.  Hitler believed that the key to the longevity of the Nazi movement was convincing a generation of young people that they were being patriotic by advancing these ideas of Nazi dominance and the need to exterminate lesser populations. Hitler believed that by using young people as the ministers for this warped theology as time moved forward, there would be a lasting impact on society as a whole.

Fast forward to current day America. A mass shooting happens in a school in south Florida. The media is quick to amplify the voices of a select group of teenagers involved above and beyond those of other teenagers involved who are not so eager to push a narrative. Overnight this group of carefully chosen teenage mouthpieces are shepherded into a national spotlight and become instant poster children for a movement dedicated to removing weapons from the hands of Americans.

Celebrities rushed in with adulation and hard cash to crown this new clique of young people as the voice of all American youth demanding gun control. Millions of willing teenage followers jumped on the gun control bandwagon in what is in essence a global game of “Simon Says.”

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Podcast: On the Objective – You Can Challenge Corruption – Mellissa ‘Honeybee’ Zaccaria – 03.30.2018


Join your host Steven Menking as he sits down with Mellisa ‘Honeybee’ Zaccaria to discuss the latest from the production of Kids Inc, her documentary exposing corruption in CPS. The conversation focuses on living a meaningful life, what people can do to get involved more broadly, and what prevents people from making a difference. Please pass along this inspiring and motivating broadcast. We are simple people who are following the calling of God on our lives. You can do the same. Not in your own strength, but by seeking the Lord. Thanks for joining us On the Objective!

Mellisa Zaccaria

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