Podcast: On the Objective – Econ Update – Steven Menking – 03.09.2020


Steven returns for another economic update to discuss the price drop in oil, the escalation of stock declines, and the dynamics of the ‘risk off’ trade we are witnessing. This is an important moment where we have to make our decisions based on reliable, measured information rather than emotion. Many are stirring the pot in order to benefit whatever political or financial cause du jour they can benefit from even at the expense of others. Be alert, careful, and decisive at this critical moment. There are tremendous opportunities here to spread the word about preparedness, to safeguard your family, and to build critical skills. Please make sure that your family is properly prepared. Spread the word about the preparedness mindset!

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What Does Digital Physics Have To Do With Hanjin Shipping?


No, fellow amateurs, I have not delved into a John Nash style madness a la ‘A Beautiful Mind’. However, I may in fact out myself as a quintessential nerd by admitting that when the movie came out and I was 13 I wept at the loss of intellectual genius portrayed in the film. I’d like to blame hormone imbalances due to puberty, but instead I’ll just own up to it. After all, I’m going to be writing about digital physics here, so we’re getting into some unorthodox, nerdy material in any case.

What is digital physics?

In brief, it is the theory that the fundamental component of our current reality is information. Not stuff – matter and mass – not energy – frequency and vibration – but information. Some have used this idea to argue that the entire universe is a computer simulation. I know what you’re thinking…

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