The Common Sense Show: Steven Menking Of The Amateur Society – 03.19.2017


Greetings fellow amateurs,

Here is the link to my appearance on The Common Sense Show from this past Sunday! In this hour I spoke with Doug and Joe Hagmann about Psalm 10, actionable solutions, the need for Christians to get back to basics, and the big picture of the economy. Stay tuned for an action packed hour of analysis and encouragement.


Steven Menking Will Be On The Common Sense Show This Sunday – 03.19.2017


Greetings fellow amateurs,

Fresh off my appearance on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report last night (video below), I’ve been invited to appear on The Common Sense Show during hour three this Sunday! Dave Hodges is on vacation in Hawaii this week. Anonymous sources – it’s me – hope that the overt mission of relaxation goes swimmingly and that the covert mission of gathering intel on the latest judge to strike down President Trump’s latest immigration order proceeds as planned.

All jokes – or not – aside, I’ll be on with Doug and Joe Hagmann who are guest hosting. We’ll be talking about a wide range of topics including any coming craziness that develops in the 19 news cycles between now and then.

Catch the show live on Global Star from 8:00pm to 11:00pm eastern this Sunday 3/19.


Straight Money Analysis – Joseph Meyer


It’s not every day when you get to have an extended conversation with a financial expert with almost 50 years of experience! Earlier I talked with Joseph Meyer, publisher of theĀ Straight Money Analysis newsletter, about the current state of the financial landscape, equity valuations, and portfolio allocations.

Mr. Meyer has seen many cycles come and go, and his advice in one word was patience. Because our talk was informal and introductory rather than an on the record interview I won’t go into a play by play here. If you’re interested in hearing from him on financial topics I’d suggest you check out his most recent appearance on The Common Sense Show with Dave Hodges. Mr. Meyer has given interviews across a wide variety of media platforms for many years and lends an experienced, sober outlook to global market action across all asset classes.

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