Podcast: Biblical Prophecy And The Coming Monetary Reset – Chuck Coppes – 03.23.2017


Join Steven Menking as he interviews Chuck Coppes of IDP Consulting for the second time this month. This lively discussion covers the lack of discussion about the debt ceiling, the plague of moral hazard, the unfolding dynamic between east and west, the escalating instability in Europe, and the implications of Biblical prophecy for the events that are transpiring right here, right now.

Chuck’s Website: http://chuckcoppes.com/
IDP Consulting Group: http://idpconsultinggroup.com/

If you would like a free, signed copy of Chuck’s book ‘America’s Financial Reckoning Day’, please send him an email directly at chc@chuckcoppes.com and mention that you heard him on The Amateur Society!

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Steven Menking Will Be On The Hagmann & Hagmann Report Tonight – 03.15.2017


Greetings fellow amateurs,

I will be on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report tonight live and in color from 8:15pm to 9:00pm eastern time! This will be my third appearance on H&H. Back in October 2016 I spent an hour discussing education, economics, and eternity, and in January of this year our topics were our new network On the Objective as well as spiritual and economic affairs. Join me tonight for a rundown of the major events that are on the table here and now: debt ceiling deadline, Federal Reserve rate hike, Brexit, Dutch elections, and more! You can check out the broadcast live or in archive on YouTube, Blog Talk Radio, Global Star, or via the iTunes podcast app. Visit the H&H YouTube channel.

God bless,


Ross Powell – After the Inauguration: What to Expect from President Trump’s First 100 Days


Ross Powell is the founder of Survival 401k, a specialty financial services company that provides hard-asset based retirement account solutions and preparation recommendations. Please visit his website to explore the critical solutions that Ross offers. This article was originally published on US Daily Review: After the Inauguration: What to Expect from President Trump’s First 100 Days


Looking ahead to the first 100 days of the Trump Presidency, expectations, anticipations, and speculations are running wild from all corners of society and all sides of the political spectrum. There are those who seem to imagine that the first thing Trump will do is order all ethnic and religious minorities to be rounded up and expelled from the country. Others appear to believe that with a single pronouncement America will become a utopia exceeding its former glory. The hyperbolic nature of the divergent viewpoints would be more comedic if it were less of an exaggeration of the extreme perspectives that are currently circulating around the incoming administration.

It seems that the battle lines have been drawn and the narratives have been entrenched on both sides. Once the rhetoric develops into more realism we’ll find out where and how far Trump can lead the country. However, since wait and see is a rather half-hearted effort to inform readers about what they should be looking for – even if it is the prudent approach – there are still some comments to be made about general themes and markers that will set the tone for the next four years. One thing everyone expects is for Trump to begin working on his objectives immediately. The latest in a string of concrete promises is that incoming Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has informed Canadian officials that the renegotiation of NAFTA, a key plank of the Trump campaign, will commence within days of the inauguration.

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Podcast: Predictions For 2017 – Weekly Open Call – 01.09.2017


This week’s open call meeting of The Amateur Society is the first one of 2017, the first one to be recorded, and consisted of participants sharing predictions for the year ahead on a wide variety of topics. We discussed economics, financial markets, gold, silver, bitcoin, virtual reality, job automation, Trump’s campaign promises, the Super Bowl, and Steven throws out some wildcard speculative predictions at the end. If you’d like to participate in The Amateur Society and be featured in these podcasts, please join us for our conversations every Monday night at 8:00pm eastern by sending us a contact request on Skype (username: amateursociety). Hope to speak to you soon and have a wonderful 2017!

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The Amateur Society: Italy & India – Macro Trends In Geopolitics And Finance



Our regular open call will take place tonight, Monday 12/05, at 8:00pm eastern time via Skype. To join in please send us a contact request on Skype by searching for our account name amateursociety. If you have any questions or need clarification, please drop us a line on the contact page here or email us directly at amateursociety@gmail.com.

Tonight we will be examining the implications of the Italian referendum from this past weekend as well as the progression of the war on cash in India. These two narratives provide a useful perspective from which to analyze the macro trends in geopolitics and finance that are currently reverberating around the globe.

Is the revolt against globalism over or is it just getting started? What is the real motive behind the banning of large bank notes? Who stands to benefit from recent developments? How will all of this play out over the coming months and years? What should we be watching for and what steps do we need to take?

Bring your questions to our open forum and join us for another lively meeting of The Amateur Society. We look forward to having you with us. Stay safe and God bless!


Stocks Soar, Bonds Burst

After US equities went limit down overnight when the election was called for Trump, we’ve seen an absolutely face melting rally to the upside. These all time highs (or thereabouts depending on which index you’re looking at) are brought to you by the Plunge Protection Team, the Federal Reserve, the Exchange Stabilization Fund, and high frequency traders. My initial hunch this morning was that this is for the purpose of giving institutions an opportunity to get short after being caught on the wrong end of the election. Perhaps it’s simply a momentum algorithm driven spasm. Even more unlikely is the hypothesis that the interpretation of the fundamentals has changed and that now everyone and their mother’s computer program believe that the Trump presidency implies unfettered bullishness.

In any case, these massive swings are an indication of potential future price dislocations. When we see huge wicks like the one on the daily candle here, we typically revisit the ends of those prices. In this case, that principle would imply a trip back to around 17,500 in the Dow. This can happen rapidly, but it doesn’t have to…

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Far more important is the hard selloff in the bond market. Word is that China is dumping US Treasuries. On a weekly basis we’re breaking through a multi-year trend line that has served as stable support as the Fed and other central banks have gobbled up more and more bonds and the world has gone deeper and deeper into debt. If we’re witnessing an opening salvo in a structural change to the trends in bonds, then the real fireworks are right around the corner. Remember, when bond prices go down, bond yields and core interest rates go up. Risk assets of all categories across the globe change in value based on these rates, and they are tied to the largest pools of derivatives. In short: the melt-up to all times highs may be cold comfort if the turmoil in bond markets continues at this accelerated pace.

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