Podcast: On the Objective – Christianity Amidst The Modern Whirlwind – 06.10.2017


Join us On the Objective as your host Steven Menking (The Amateur Society) and Chris Baucom (Remnant Radio Network) enter into a 30,000 foot view conversation about the big picture dynamics that are currently gripping our world and what Christians must do in response to the prevailing chaos.

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Who’s In Charge Here? – Pastor Patrick Pierre – Times Square Church – 05.29.2017


Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is in charge. Now is the time to allow Him to direct every aspect of our lives. God is on the move, and we must be as well. A lackadaisical church has rendered the basic gospel message revolutionary again. This is a promised time of harvest. Know the Word of God. Follow Jesus. He is worth everything.

Podcast: 05.06.2017 Roundtable – Joyfully Following Jesus Amidst Trials


Join us On the Objective as your host Steven Menking (The Amateur Society) and Pastor Mike Spaulding (Soaring Eagle Radio) discuss Hebrews 12, running our race with patience and faith, the importance of joy, and what we must do to represent Jesus properly in this generation.

Listen to “05.06.2017 Roundtable – Joyfully Following Jesus Amidst Trials” on Spreaker.

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I Will Call Upon God – Pastor Carter Conlon – Times Square Church – 04.02.2017


All Christians must hear this message: we have reached a point in time where our options are revival or captivity. Now is the time to press in to God with fervency, desperation, faith, and expectation!

I Will Call Upon God – Pastor Carter Conlon – Times Square Church – 04.02.2017

Give ear to my prayer, O God,
And do not hide Yourself from my supplication.
Attend to me, and hear me;
I am restless in my complaint, and moan noisily,
Because of the voice of the enemy,
Because of the oppression of the wicked;
For they bring down trouble upon me,
And in wrath they hate me.

My heart is severely pained within me,

And the terrors of death have fallen upon me.
Fearfulness and trembling have come upon me,
And horror has overwhelmed me.
So I said, “Oh, that I had wings like a dove!
I would fly away and be at rest.
Indeed, I would wander far off,
And remain in the wilderness. Selah
I would hasten my escape
From the windy storm and tempest.”

Destroy, O Lord, and divide their tongues,

For I have seen violence and strife in the city.
Day and night they go around it on its walls;
Iniquity and trouble are also in the midst of it.
Destruction is in its midst;
Oppression and deceit do not depart from its streets.

As for me, I will call upon God,
And the Lord shall save me.
Evening and morning and at noon
I will pray, and cry aloud,
And He shall hear my voice.
He has redeemed my soul in peace from the battle that was against me,
For there were many against me.
God will hear, and afflict them,
Even He who abides from of old. Selah

Psalm 55:1-11,16-19

Podcast: The Joy Of The Lord – 03.29.2017


The joy of the Lord is absolutely indispensable for Christians in this critical hour. Join us as we discuss the joy and peace of the Holy Spirit that Jesus provides us even in the midst of trials. It can be utterly devastating to deal with the nature of evil that we are confronting in our generation. Only the supernatural power of God can give us the joy that we must have in order to be nourished and empowered to represent Him properly, accomplish His will, glorify His name, and win victories for the Kingdom of God. We hope that you are encouraged by this message!

Listen to “The Joy of the Lord – Steven Menking – 03.29.2017” on Spreaker.

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Where Are The Magic Bricks? – Pastor Tim Dilena – Times Square Church – 03.26.2017

Small Church.jpg

This message was just what I needed to hear. The Lord is so faithful! Our walk with God can be fraught with obstacles, but that doesn’t mean that God is far away. Jesus is the best teacher you could ever imagine, and the trials that we face are often exactly what we need in order to be prepared for what we will eventually face. In school, the teacher is silent while the test is being taken. This is an apt metaphor for certain seasons in our spiritual lives. Continue pressing in to God! Now is the time to pray, to fast, to read the Word of God, and to prepare ourselves by receiving the grace that we need to represent our Lord properly in this generation.

Afterward Moses and Aaron went in and told Pharaoh, “Thus says the Lord God of Israel: ‘Let My people go, that they may hold a feast to Me in the wilderness.’”

And Pharaoh said, “Who is the Lord, that I should obey His voice to let Israel go? I do not know the Lord, nor will I let Israel go.”

So they said, “The God of the Hebrews has met with us. Please, let us go three days’ journey into the desert and sacrifice to the Lord our God, lest He fall upon us with pestilence or with the sword.”

Then the king of Egypt said to them, “Moses and Aaron, why do you take the people from their work? Get back to your labor.” And Pharaoh said, “Look, the people of the land are many now, and you make them rest from their labor!”

So the same day Pharaoh commanded the taskmasters of the people and their officers, saying, “You shall no longer give the people straw to make brick as before. Let them go and gather straw for themselves. And you shall lay on them the quota of bricks which they made before. You shall not reduce it. For they are idle; therefore they cry out, saying, ‘Let us go and sacrifice to our God.’ Let more work be laid on the men, that they may labor in it, and let them not regard false words.”

And the taskmasters of the people and their officers went out and spoke to the people, saying, “Thus says Pharaoh: ‘I will not give you straw. Go, get yourselves straw where you can find it; yet none of your work will be reduced.’” So the people were scattered abroad throughout all the land of Egypt to gather stubble instead of straw. And the taskmasters forced them to hurry, saying, “Fulfill your work, your daily quota, as when there was straw.” Also the officers of the children of Israel, whom Pharaoh’s taskmasters had set over them, were beaten and were asked, “Why have you not fulfilled your task in making brick both yesterday and today, as before?”

Then the officers of the children of Israel came and cried out to Pharaoh, saying, “Why are you dealing thus with your servants? There is no straw given to your servants, and they say to us, ‘Make brick!’ And indeed your servants are beaten, but the fault is in your own people.”

But he said, “You are idle! Idle! Therefore you say, ‘Let us go and sacrifice to the Lord.’ Therefore go now and work; for no straw shall be given you, yet you shall deliver the quota of bricks.” And the officers of the children of Israel saw that they were in trouble after it was said, “You shall not reduce any bricks from your daily quota.”

Then, as they came out from Pharaoh, they met Moses and Aaron who stood there to meet them. And they said to them, “Let the Lord look on you and judge, because you have made us abhorrent in the sight of Pharaoh and in the sight of his servants, to put a sword in their hand to kill us.”

Exodus 5:1-21

Where Are The Magic Bricks? – Pastor Tim Dilena – Times Square Church – 03.26.2017

Soaring Eagle Radio 85 – Bill Salus – Apocalypse Road


Millions of Christians have disappeared, apparitions of the Virgin Mary have reappeared, and the Antichrist begins his beastly career. The apocalypse has finally arrived!

With an introduction like that I’m sure I have your attention.

This episode of SER is my conversation with author, researcher, and prophecy expert Bill Salus.

Click here to listen to Pastor Mike Spaulding interview Bill Salus on Soaring Eagle Radio!

Bill’s bio

Bill is an author, researcher, lecturer, and is the radio host of the popular Prophecy Update Radio Program heard in Southern California and worldwide over the web at www.prophecydepot.com

Bill has authored numerous books including Psalm 83: The Missing Prophecy Revealed; How Israel Becomes the Next Mideast Superpower, The NOW Prophecies and two works of fiction entitled Revelation Road: Hope Beyond the Horizon and part two of that story and the subject of our conversation today, Apocalypse Road: Revelation for the Final Generation.

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