Podcast: On the Objective – Don’t Go Another Moment Without Forgiveness – Steven Menking – 01.14.2019


Forgiveness is absolutely essential to the walk of any Christian. It is by the grace of God and the sacrifice of the cross that we are able to receive eternal forgiveness for sins. Jesus clearly instructs us through parables and directly that forgiveness towards one another is not optional. Harboring unforgiveness, bitterness, and anger leaves a door for the enemy to march through and harms our effectiveness for the Kingdom of God and our testimonies. I pray that the Holy Spirit would bring something or someone to mind that you need to ask forgiveness from or provide forgiveness to during this broadcast. Take that step toward forgiveness and watch what God will do! We read through Psalm 51 as well as portions of Matthew 18, 1 Peter 4, and Matthew 5.

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The Amateur Society: Forgiveness Is An Indispensable Virtue



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In our generation we are experiencing a heartbreaking lack of forgiveness. The biological, emotional, psychological, and spiritual implications of forgiveness make it a virtuous trait that is absolutely indispensable. Perhaps we are experiencing this deficit as a society because we have overlooked the importance of forgiveness by reducing it to platitudes. Maybe there is something truly fundamental about this virtue that, if we bother to look into it, will aid us greatly in reclaiming, at least in some part, the unity that we appear to have lost.

Join us as we investigate the importance and mechanics of forgiveness. How have we all been touched by the pain of unforgiveness from others? Are we conscious of our own lack of forgiveness? What prevents us from forgiving? What ramifications does not prioritizing forgiveness entail?

God bless,