When the Foolish Confound the Wise


Much ink has been spilled declaring and defining the time of trial and tribulation that is swiftly approaching and even – in many cases – already here. With your permission I would like to pass over all of our current background context in order to get directly to a point of exhortation that will hopefully encourage you in the Lord and strengthen you for the days to come.

The Holy Spirit has put it on my heart that there are a great number of people all around the world who understand that we are potentially on the precipice of dangerous scenarios that could affect all of us. Of this group, it feels as if many are discouraged and don’t see a way forward. For some the obstacles may be concrete and immediate, and for others it is the darkness of the horizon that is troubling.

So many feel helpless, alone, depressed, powerless, imprisoned, and fearful. Some feel incapable of making an impact even though they want to help change things for the better. Others feel unworthy of having their lives used to advance the Kingdom of God because of their past. Still others feel weak and oppressed by forces that are out of their control and don’t seem to ever let up.

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The Night When No Man Can Work


I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.
John 9:4

These are the words of Jesus Christ. Here Jesus first declares His imperative to perform the will of God the Father. The second statement, a future tense proclamation with prophetic undertones, is more challenging to understand. Interpretations of this night when no man can work are numerous and varied. I believe that this verse is multifaceted. The night could refer to the death of Jesus specifically, death in general, the new heavens and new earth where our work will cease, a time during the Great Tribulation where because of either Satan’s wrath or God’s wrath our work will not be possible, or even several among these and others not listed here. I don’t claim to offer a definitive interpretation of this verse, but I’d like to pose a question that the Holy Spirit has laid on my heart.

What if there is soon coming a time when the disruption of the global financial system leads to a general inability to work?

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