Podcast: On the Objective – Going On Offense For The Kingdom Of God – Steven Menking – 06.28.2019


Join us for another Biblical discussion of important spiritual principles in partnership with Reliance! In reading The Unseen Realm by Michael Heiser recently I came across a take on Matthew 16 that I hadn’t considered before. That the gates of hell would not prevail against the church had always been couched in a defensive posture, but it is just as viable – if not more – to read that passage as an offensive posture. No weapon formed against us shall proper, and that includes the weapons the enemy wields in order to prevent the Kingdom of God from growing. Let’s seize the initiative! Brothers and sisters: it’s time to go on offense. The scriptures from this message are found in Matthew 16.

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Podcast: On the Objective – Walking In The Power Of The Kingdom Of God – Dr. Michael Lake – 03.22.2019


Join your host Steven Menking as he welcomes author and teacher Dr. Michael Lake, the host of the Kingdom Intelligence Briefing podcast and the leader of Biblical Life College and Seminary. Dr. Lake brings a powerful perspective on the need for the body of Christ to understand how the Kingdom of God operates. In this discussion Dr. Lake touches on the importance of authority, the iniquity force, and the obstacles facing the church today. Let this serve as a clarion call to the remnant: it’s time to stand for Jesus in this generation! Thanks for joining us On the Objective!

Dr. Michael Lake

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Soaring Eagle Radio 81 – Dr. Andy Woods – The Coming Kingdom: What Is the Kingdom and How Is Kingdom Now Theology Changing the Focus of the Church?


Check out the link below for another fantastic episode of Soaring Eagle Radio with Pastor Mike Spaulding of Calvary Chapel of Lima, Ohio. Follow the links to listen to and view more material from Pastor Mike including on YouTube here.


The contemporary evangelical world is engulfed in the idea that the church is presently experiencing the messianic kingdom. The idea of the “kingdom” can be bewildering, especially considering how this term is loosely bandied about by today’s evangelicals. Many ministries convey the notion that the kingdom is strictly a spiritual and present reality by indicating that they are “expanding the kingdom” through their evangelistic and missionary endeavors.

Why do so many seem to believe that the messianic kingdom has already materialized? Is there a biblical basis for such a belief? Due to the dominance of “kingdom now” theology in modern evangelical thought, a fresh scriptural look at the notion of the kingdom is warranted. Stay tuned for my conversation with Dr. Andy Woods about his new book, The Coming Kingdom: What Is the Kingdom and How Is Kingdom Now Theology Changing the Focus of the Church? on this episode of the SER show.

Dr. Woods’ Bio

Dr. Andy Woods is the Senior Pastor of Sugar Land Bible Church. Dr. Woods has earned a Juris Doctorate from Whittier Law School, a Master of Theology and a Ph.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary. He is an author and contributor to many books such as Middle East Meltdown, and his latest The Coming Kingdom: What Is the Kingdom and How Is Kingdom Now Theology Changing the Focus of the Church?

Dr. Woods website here.

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