Podcast: SER 144 – Jeff “T-Rex” Bankens – Biblical Manhood Explained


America has undergone drastic changes in the last 60-70 years. Most of these changes have not improved America. Indeed most of the changes Americans have experienced have created many serious problems.

One of the glaring issues America faces today is the absence of fathers in the home, in their children’s lives, in the church, and in our communities. Let me be even more specific friends. There is a great need for men to be men today. And by that, I mean men as defined by a biblical frameworkand understanding of what the Bible says about manhood.

After nearly 40 years of the constant secular beat-down upon fathers generally and men specifically, America is reaping a whirlwind of devastating consequences.

How important is the role of the father in the family? How vital is it that men understand what the Bible says about manhood and the roles and responsibilities men must assume?

Stay tuned for my conversation with Jeff Bankens about biblical manhood in this episode of SER.

A Personal Letter – The Dog Whistle Point, Faith, and ‘The Voyage of Life’



We’re living during a temporal juncture that has a certain ethereal quality to it. It’s almost like when you take a hearing test and the increasing pitch of the sound exceeds your hearing threshold and goes into dog whistle territory. You are simultaneously cognizant that a sound is still being generated and that it is no longer audible. You know that there is something to be heard, but you don’t hear it.

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