Podcast: SER 177 – Mark Goodwin – Are You Prepared For The Coming Storm?


Tonight’s show features Mark Goodwin, a prolific author, who is writing a 3-book series. This show will be a discussion of evil in the culture and the apostate church falling fast.

Have you heard of the super hero, Sun Man? (Is this just a re-run of Nimrod/Baal from the Bible?) Have you heard that Jesus is a transsexual? One worship leader in a PCA church is promoting such an idea.

St. Paul warned the early Church that wolves would come “from yourselves.” Watch out!

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Podcast: SER 138 – Mark Goodwin – Ava’s Crucible


My friend Mark Goodwin joins me in this episode as the first four-time guest on SER. Mark has recently released Book One in his latest series titled Ava’s Crucible. As is always the case with his novels, Mark takes the headlines of today and crafts a compelling and realistic story of what America looks like and is sure to look like in the near future unless Christians stand firm against the evil onslaught that has gripped America.

Visit Mark’s website here to see all his books including The Economic Collapse Chronicles (3 book series), The Days of Noah (3 book series), The Days of Elijah (3 book series), and Seven Cows, Ugly and Gaunt (4 books series).

Soaring Eagle Radio 86 – Mark Goodwin – A Conversation On Today’s News


My friend Mark Goodwin joins me for this episode of SER. We discuss the latest news and his books and everything in between. Enjoy!

Click here to listen to Pastor Mike Spaulding interview Mark Goodwin on Soaring Eagle Radio!

Mark’s Bio

Mark Goodwin is the author of the recently released “Days of Elijah: Apocalypse Book One,”  “Seven Cows, Ugly and Gaunt” (3 books); The Days of Noah trilogy; and the Economic Collapse Chronicles, a three book series on the challenges people face during an economic meltdown.

You can find Mark on the internet at www.prepperrecon.com where you will find his podcast show archives and many other helpful resources.

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Prepper Recon – Sgt. Tim of Outlaw Patriot News – America’s Silent Coup D’etat


At the beginning of August our friend and brother Sgt. Tim of Outlaw Patriot News sat down with Mark Goodwin of Prepper Recon to talk about the silent coup in which the USA fell to the Marxists, socialists, and communists who have gained control of our country. They discuss the illegal status of the American patriot and the successful propaganda campaign to demonize Christians and Constitutionalists.

Listen to the show here.