Sgt. Tim – Why I Support Donald Trump for the Presidency


We have twelve days before November 8, the day this country will select the next President of the United States of America. Those of you that are regular readers of Outlaw Patriot News and have heard me in some of my appearances know that for some time I have expressed my doubts in Donald Trump as president, not from a position of supporting Hillary Clinton or any of the third party candidates, but I have had some trouble with some of the things he has said during the course of his campaign and his demeanor. I am not talking about the comments the media has spent so much time covering taken from a hot mic inside of a bus. If you have ever sat in a room full of military guys, you have heard much worse than what Trump said, anyhow – and, no, they are not sexual predators, either, but alpha male types have a tendency to try and show their prowess of conquest and as unacceptable as it may be, sometimes that runs into some pretty offensive talk. Besides, saying something like that is one thing, but actually raping women and then paying them off or covering it up in other ways, as the husband of the Democratic candidate did with her aid and complicity, is another. Yes, there was the parade of women recently claiming sexual assault by Trump, but this was the first they had spoken of it, and while I am definitely not into bashing victims here – it is odd that the timing of these claims coincide nicely with trying to influence the election.

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