Guest Post: Russia Applauds Nuking Florida and Hillary Clinton Paid for It! – Jon Robberson


President Vladimir Putin addressed the Federal Assembly, including the State Duma Parliamentarians, regional governors, members of the Federation Council and other high ranking Russian officials in Moscow on March 1, 2018, eight days ago.  His words, however, are timeless in their warrior-profundity and practicality for our future.

The Speech:

President Putin did not mince words and his words would have resonated with average Americans like a locomotive between the eyes. Except average Americans never heard President Putin’s remarks.

Main Stream Media decided for you that Putin’s words and the video that he played to roaring applause from Russia’s elite, are unimportant, even while CNN, MSNBC and the networks carp and cry about purported collusion between President Donald J Trump and Russia. Collusion that never occured.

What did occur was Vladimir Putin enumerating classified weapons systems (again to thunderous applause) that are faster, quieter, carry higher payloads and are so stealthy that any foe may be annihilated before detection of said weapons.  Also, according to President Putin, “there is no range limitation.”

Should Americans be aware of this?

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The Economist’s World In 2017

World in 2017.jpg

A quick bit of background for readers that may not be familiar with the infamous covers of The Economist. Towards the end of the year the magazine – a City of London and Rothschild operation – puts out an issue discussing trends and forecasts for the year ahead. The covers used to be simple photo arrays of influential people and ideas related to the articles inside the issue. For the 2015 and 2016 covers the style shifted significantly. The imagery and symbolism became more convoluted and roused no small bit of speculation about what messages were being communicated.

For the 2017 cover, the style has changed again. The use of divination tools renders the entire structure more overtly occult than it has ever been. This article is not intended to dissect the various potential implications on the signals being sent here. If you’re looking for that type of content there are several hours worth of videos on YouTube produced by people with much more experience with occult symbology.

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