Podcast: On the Objective – North Korea, Kanye West, And QAnon – Bill Chapman – 04.29.2018

Kim Jong Un, Moon Jae-in

Join your host Steven Menking as he is joined once again by researcher Bill Chapman for a discussion of the astounding recent developments in North Korea. The conversation also covers the social media firestorm whipped up by Kanye West and the potential for cultural inflection. Finally, the current thrust of the Q postings is examined with an eye for what will happen next. These are historical times, so let’s be sure to have our spiritual foundation properly set in Jesus! Thanks again for joining us today On the Objective!

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Podcast: On the Objective – Syria, OIG, April Showers – Bill Chapman – 04.19.2018


Join your host Steven Menking as he is joined once again by researcher Bill Chapman for a discussion on the latest events in Syria and expectations for the OIG report. Tensions are high, and it almost feels like the barometric pressure is dropping, signalling the arrival of the long-awaited storm. We shall see what the coming weeks have in store, but the maelstrom is poised to continue. Will the cries for justice finally be answered? Many have great expectations, and others have grown thoroughly disillusioned. Continue to fight the good fight of faith and to stand strong in this hour. We hope you are encouraged, informed, and edified by this conversation. Thanks for spending your time with us today On the Objective!

Bill Chapman

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