Podcast: On the Objective – Are You Desperately Patient? – Steven Menking – 01.24.2019


The word I received in my spirit at the beginning of the year was ‘desperately patient’. After some clarification it has become clear that we need to maintain both our desperation and our patience in the face of the evil of this generation. God has been desperately patient with us, and we need to wait on God – eagerly awaiting His marching orders – and prepare to be obedience. Patience doesn’t mean inaction, and desperation doesn’t mean wrath. We must find this balance now. We read through Psalm 62 as well as portions of James 1, Romans 5, and 2 Peter 3.

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Podcast: On the Objective – Walking Patiently With God – Bill Chapman & Chris Baucom – 12.15.2018


Join us On the Objective as your host Steven Menking welcomes back Bill Chapman and Chris Baucom for a powerful conversation about how God leads us incrementally along the path He has laid out for us. We must make the decision to be obedient to the will of God, to place our faith in the finished work of Jesus, and to trust that the Lord will keep us through every trial meant to strengthen our faith. It requires supernatural intervention for us to be content in all things as we are instructed and to pray without ceasing as we must. Please share this broadcast with someone who needs to hear it, and thanks for joining us On the Objective!

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Meeting Announcement: Monday 6/20 @ 8:00pm Eastern


Our regular open call will take place tonight, Monday 6/20, at 8:00pm eastern time via Skype. To join in please send us a contact request on Skype by searching for our account name amateursociety. If you have any questions or need clarification, please drop us a line on the contact page here or email us directly at amateursociety@gmail.com.

This evening we will be discussing patience and how it factors into decision making. What does patience really mean? How does our society view patience? Should our approach to patience change because of the availability of instant gratification? Do good things really come to those who wait? Is patience even all that important? Bring your thoughts and questions and let’s tackle this important topic that doesn’t get a lot of attention.

We welcome your participation in an open, honest conversation where everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts and ask questions we don’t typically investigate. Thanks for your time and we look forward to speaking with you!