On the Objective: 04.01.2017 Roundtable – The Spiritual Warfare of Willful Sin

Spiritual Warfare

Join us On the Objective as Steven Menking (The Amateur Society), Jon Robberson (Hagmann & Hagmann), JD (Hagmann & Hagmann, Neptune Diaries), and Jay (Hagmann & Hagmann) discuss the critically important topic of spiritual warfare. The group shares stories about their own experiences and focuses on willful sin as a primary problem that each one of us needs to address in our own lives. We trust that this conversation will edify and encourage our brothers and sisters in their walk with Christ!

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Lift Up Your Head


The final Presidential debate of the 2016 election is tonight.
The final stages of the global financial Ponzi scheme are likely upon us.
The final period of peace before major war may be taking place right now.

With the current deluge of information – another few thousand files leaked every day, another pile of articles and reports to sort through, and another boatload of decisions to make and analyze – it can seem impossible to know where to look. The faster your head spins the harder it is to stay focused on anything. Even seasoned observers, veteran investigators, and commentators with substantial resources of time and manpower are unable to keep up with even a fraction of the whole picture.

So what are amateurs like us to do?

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