Podcast: On the Objective – Walking In The Power Of The Kingdom Of God – Dr. Michael Lake – 03.22.2019


Join your host Steven Menking as he welcomes author and teacher Dr. Michael Lake, the host of the Kingdom Intelligence Briefing podcast and the leader of Biblical Life College and Seminary. Dr. Lake brings a powerful perspective on the need for the body of Christ to understand how the Kingdom of God operates. In this discussion Dr. Lake touches on the importance of authority, the iniquity force, and the obstacles facing the church today. Let this serve as a clarion call to the remnant: it’s time to stand for Jesus in this generation! Thanks for joining us On the Objective!

Dr. Michael Lake

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On the Objective: 03.18.2017 Roundtable – This Is No Time For Slumber


Join us On the Objective as Steven Menking (The Amateur Society) and Jon Robberson (Hagmann & Hagmann) discuss the overall change in tone that has rippled through the remnant since President Trump’s inauguration. This is no time for slumber. This is also no time for impatience. It is a time for prudent, practical action in light of the significant threats we face whether they come in the form of pagan rituals disguised as children’s programming or missile tests and provocation courtesy of North Korea. Keep the faith and stay On the Objective!

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Listen to “03.18.2017 Roundtable – This Is No Time For Slumber” on Spreaker.

All Hands On Deck

All hands on deck.jpg


After fasting for a week to seek the Lord and His guidance for the year ahead I went to the prayer meeting at Times Square Church yesterday (01.10.2017). Watch it if you can or at least listen to the message from Pastor Carter Conlon. The presence and power of the Lord were there in might and glory, and the word I received in my spirit for the year is also the title of this note: all hands on deck.

2017 is the year when everyone needs to get involved, follow their calling, and play their position. If there is something that the Holy Spirit is placing on your heart, then follow the Lord. Don’t resist the call of God any longer. Receive your forgiveness, your freedom, and your fighting spirit. This is an all hands on deck moment, a time of great risk and peril but also a time of promised victory.

We are building a platform called On the Objective for just such a moment. Our website isn’t ready to go live quite yet, but when it is I’ll point you to it. We will be serving God by speaking the truth, providing practical solutions, modeling an authentic Christian life, giving a voice to those God leads to us, and primarily by glorifying the name of Jesus by the preaching and teaching of the whole counsel of God starting with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Send us an email at ontheobjective@gmail.com if you’d like to speak with us about our efforts and how you can get involved.

All hands on deck! God bless you.