Podcast: On the Objective – Preparation And Homesteading Roundtable 3 – 12.21.2018


Join your host Steven Menking as he welcomes James Walton, Myles Francis, Blue Shepard, and Ryan Buford for a powerful roundtable discussing preparation and homesteading. The group reflects on 2018, talks about how to come up with plans for the year ahead, and discussed lessons that they have learned in the past year. There are many valuable anecdotes about family, risk-taking, courage, and life in general. We hope that you are blessed by this roundtable as much as we were, and we encourage you to spread this broadcast around, particularly at this time of year. Thanks for joining us On the Objective!

James Walton

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Myles Francis

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Blue Shepard

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Ryan Buford

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On the Objective

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On the Objective: 04.15.2017 Roundtable – The Christian Response To Pure Evil And Pedogate


Join us On the Objective as Steven Menking (The Amateur Society), Jon Robberson (Hagmann & Hagmann), Pastor Mike Spaulding (Soaring Eagle Radio), and special guest Angela Warren discuss how Christians must respond to the pure evil that is being unveiled in this generation. Pedogate and child sex trafficking in general are horrific subjects, but instead of brushing them away we must boldly face even the most sinister of realities. Only God can give us the grace and the covering that we need to endure. He is faithful to provide us with not only supernatural courage but also joy, peace, and comfort. Christian brothers and sisters, we must be led by the Holy Spirit into ALL truth, no matter how uncomfortable or upsetting. If we can face evil and still retain the joy of the Lord, then we are in a position to be used mightily for God’s Kingdom!

Listen to “04.15.2017 Roundtable – The Christian Response To Pure Evil And Pedogate” on Spreaker.

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Podcast: 02.18.2017 Roundtable – Trump, Russia, and the Bursting of the Dam


Join us On the Objective as Steven Menking of The Amateur Society, Jon Robberson of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, and Sgt Tim of Outlaw Patriot News discuss current affairs in the geopolitical, financial, and spiritual realms. The deep seated conflicts that are visible both domestically and internationally are not entirely as they seem. We are witnessing a complex battle that is ultimately spiritual in origin, and it is our duty to remain vigilant, to maintain poise and composure, and to seek as well as speak the truth.

Listen to “02.18.2017 Roundtable – Trump, Russia, and the Bursting of the Dam” on Spreaker.