Weekly Update: Gold, Silver, Bitcoin – 06.16.2017


Approximate spot prices

Gold: $1,250 per paper ounce
Silver: $16.70 per paper ounce
Bitcoin: $2,500 per coin

Another eventful week is in the books. In the last update I said that it was time to buckle up for the summer, and this week we had an even further escalation of tensions when a Bernie Sanders volunteer leftist opened fire on Congressional Republicans, critically wounding Steve Scalise. That American legislators were attacked while practicing baseball – the historical American pastime – has a noteworthiness about it that won’t soon go away. I’d expect this to linger in the consciousness of the nation for longer than other incidents primarily because of the higher profile of the targets. We’ll see if can last through the end of the month and still be toward the front page.

As always, we’re simultaneously seeing the media meltdown trend continue unabated. It’s on overdrive now with these Manchurians. Press on comrade! Down with Trump! No to fascism! Death to capitalism! Refugees welcome here! Racism! Sexism! Privilege! It’s all so laughably boring at this point that if it weren’t literally so dangerous a brainwashed ideology it could be eliminated from public discourse by laughter and rational conversation. However, that’s not what 2017 has for us.

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Weekly Update: Gold, Silver, Bitcoin – 06.09.2017


Approximate spot prices

Gold: $1,265 per paper ounce
Silver: $17.20 per paper ounce
Bitcoin: $2,800 per coin

Well what do we have here? Comey testimony, British elections, Qatar isolation, US macro data tanking, housing bubble, Putin laying down the law, students demanding segregation, CNN personalities dropping like flies, and so much more. It’s all a bit too much to keep track of in depth at this point, and since that’s presumably not what you’re here for I’ll just get to the point:

Buckle up for the summer.

It feels like even if things level out slightly that we’ll be looking at a different landscape when the fall comes around. Keep your eye on China, Russia, and Iran. North Korea has vanished from the top headlines, but of course they haven’t gone away.

There appears to be a consensus that the cryptocurrency explosion of 2017 is indicating that the clock is ticking down on the current fiat system. I’m looking for more opportunities like ZenGold and OneGram – cryptocurrencies backed by precious metals – to begin making waves.

Keep your cool and continue to accumulate.

Please let me know if you would like me to add ethereum to my coverage! Comment anywhere this article is seen or email me at amateursociety@gmail.com.

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Steven Menking Will Be Recording With The Prophecy Brothers – 06.07.2017


Greetings fellow amateurs!

I’m pleased to announce that I will be recording a broadcast with The Prophecy Brothers tonight (06.07.2017)! We will be discussing The Amateur Society, On the Objective, and how Christians should view gold, silver, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. I will link to the episode once it gets posted!

The Prophecy Brothers

Website: http://prophecybrothers.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMe_4r4w4uM5aiIkRcHvBUw
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProphecyBrothrs

Podcast: The Amateur Society – The Dollar Is Dying Drip By Drip – Chuck Coppes


Join Steven as he sits down again with Chuck Coppes of IDP Consulting Group to discuss the latest in general monetary developments. The topics for this podcast include the day of reckoning, economic theory, confidence, currencies, bitcoin, gold, silver, demographics, and pension funds.

Chuck’s Website: http://chuckcoppes.com/
IDP Consulting Group: http://idpconsultinggroup.com/

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Weekly Update: Gold, Silver, Bitcoin – 06.01.2017


Approximate spot prices

Gold: $1,270 per paper ounce
Silver: $17.30 per paper ounce
Bitcoin: $2,400 per coin

After taking a week off to celebrate my one year wedding anniversary, I’ve been chomping at the bit to get back to writing these weekly updates. If the spring has been any indication of what is to come, then summer and fall should contain more unexpected surprises as well as the potential for long-awaited events on the grand truth spectrum to begin rolling out.

These last weeks have been a whirlwind of media and happenstance, but the same trends and themes persist. The east continues to assemble Eurasian block partnerships to drive the institutions that are forming the backbone of the emerging multipolar world. Technology continues to develop unabated. The fundamental economies of the west continue to grind down. The sustainability of the dollar is becoming more questionable by the week.

A word of caution: avoid distraction as best you can. Yes, for the sake of the truth that will implode the systemically corrupt architecture, it is worth calling out the lunatic actions of Kathy Griffin, calling sponsors, and making your voice heard. Those things are indispensable, but don’t lose out on the big picture. Failure to do so will lead to being tossed about by each news cycle.

Manchester. Manila. Hannity. Assange. Griffin. Covfefe.

Seth Rich…

All of these aspects are important or at the very least interesting and informative, yet if we don’t make sure to prioritize our focus then our time and our opportunity will pass by. Do everything you can, but recognize that you can’t do everything. Focus on your priorities, and always keep in mind that they may need to be adjusted from time to time. This is a long, strange, and dangerous game. Be tactical and reserved. Only go all in at the moments that are absolutely necessary.

Follow the Lord. There’s no other way to see this maelstrom through without bitterness, anger, and frustration taking hold. This world is toxic. Continue to educate yourself.

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Weekly Update: Gold, Silver, Bitcoin – 05.22.2017


Approximate spot prices

Gold: $1,260 per paper ounce
Silver: $17.10 per paper ounce
Bitcoin: $2,200 per coin

Behold the whirlwind! The dollar has weakened back to the Trump election levels, cryptocurrencies have continued to skyrocket, and the geopolitical intrigue escalated once more. Will Seth Rich be outed as the WikiLeaks source inside the DNC? Would such a revelation put an end to the Trump-Russia narrative? There are many more eyes on this now than ever before, and it appears that the initial speculations about Rich’s murder last summer were on point. Many more questions have been raised that can best be explained by the theory that this was a retributive political hit rather than a botched robbery. Expect this story to reach feverish levels this week.

With President Trump in the Middle East and things heating up on the domestic side, it can be difficult to know what to pay attention to. The same deep state playbooks will be used, but this time with increased desperation. This brings the potential of false flags back into play. Will it be time to pull the plug? We know that people make poor decisions when under stress, and this applies even more so to evil people under stress. Batten down the hatches. It feels like this cycle isn’t going to go quietly into the night unless overtaken by even more dramatic events – distraction or otherwise.

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Weekly Update: Gold, Silver, Bitcoin – 05.12.2017


Approximate spot prices

Gold: $1,230 per paper ounce
Silver: $16.40 per paper ounce
Bitcoin: $1,700 per coin

Another wild week is in the books! Bitcoin – and other cryptocurrencies – roared to new heights before coming back a bit, the precious metals found some footing, FBI director Comey found his services were no longer required, and a massive global malware hack attack took place. So where do we stand?

For all that happened, it still seems like we’re right where we were before: behind the 8-ball in the final stages of an obsolete institutional structure that is bankrupt across all angles. Will we get the hard landing that many have been shouting for? I’m not so sure. Plenty of things that should have happened turned out to pass without anything more than a murmur, but sooner or later something will happen that simply cannot be ignored.

The primary themes are still all present, but the shifting sands of geopolitics should get more volatile. Don’t expect that to be reflected in asset prices. Accumulate real wealth and – even more importantly – real knowledge. Think, read, write, and speak. Seek God. Be courageous in the face of dramatic evil.

The unveiling will continue.

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