Podcast: SER 182 – Judd Saul – Enemies Within The Church

2019.03.30 SER

Enemies Within: The Church is an educational, historical, and evidence-based movie experience that provokes a passionate return to orthodox Christian faithfulness across the western world. As is necessary for such a wonderful turn toward Christ, the movie heralds a clarion call for Christians to turn away from popular, yet errant beliefs held in contradiction to carefully interpreted Holy Scriptures. But Enemies Within: The Church is much more than a mere movie. It is also an invitation for believers to employ a proven Biblical recipe capable of producing restored strength and blessing for all who answer.

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Podcast: SER – Dr. Mike Live Episode 1 – Coach Dave And Social Justice


Pastor Mike Spaulding has launched a new weekly interactive broadcast, Dr. Mike Live! The group meets every Monday at 6pm E. For more information and to join the huddle head over to https://drmikelive.com/

On the inaugural episode of Dr. Mike Live the topic is social justice. Coach Dave joins Pastor Mike for a powerful and important discussion.

Guest Post: Jon Robberson – Social Justice Monsters


“The idea of heaven is Christianity’s way of creating hell on earth.” Marilyn Manson

“Hell does not exist – what exists is the disappearance of sinful souls.” Pope Francis

Evil malingers around humankind, and has, since the moment the serpent beguiled Eve, but today it is manifest and walks among us.

Corrupted Culture

We exist in a fallen world and live in a failing country.  Sub rosa cultures, aggressively adopted by leftist relativists and their mainstream media cohorts are corrosive, dark religions previously relegated to inner urban American dystopia now infiltrating suburbia, the Christian Church and your home.

In 1989 and 1990 the rave culture immigrated from

London and Tokyo to San Francisco and New York.  A few years previous, Goth darkened the grunge world with the emergence of Trent Reznor and Marilyn Manson.  Marilyn Manson, the preacher’s kid who contracted for fame through demonic brokerage and stated “I want to end Christianity through music.”

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Soaring Eagle Radio Episode 60 – Patrick Wood – The Cult of Social Justice


Check out the link below for another fantastic episode of Soaring Eagle Radio Soaring Eagle Radio with Pastor Mike Spaulding of Calvary Chapel of Lima, Ohio. Follow the links to listen to and view more material from Pastor Mike including on YouTube here.


America is at war and I don’t mean the wars in the Middle East or anywhere else in the world. The war America is involved in has been waged since the 1930’s. Unfortunately this war has gone largely unnoticed by the average American until recently, when the results of the strategies and methods of the enemies of America have become visible in America’s cities and college campuses.

This enemy has a name – Cultural Marxism. Most Americans know it by another name – Political Correctness. One strategy employed by the haters of America and our freedoms and liberties is to deceive and brainwash people with the subversive idea of social justice.

Returning to SER to discuss “The Pseudo-Ethics of Social Justice in Economics, Politics, and Religion” is author and researcher Patrick Wood.

Patrick’s website – Technocracy: News & Trends

Click here to listen to Pastor Mike Spaulding interview Patrick Wood on Soaring Eagle Radio