Podcast: The Amateur Society – Understanding Fatigue – 07.23.2018


Welcome back to The Amateur Society for a conversation about fatigue. Fatigue is primarily thought of in the physical sense, but it can also come about because of emotional, psychological, and spiritual dynamics. All of these have physical consequences, and the group unpacks the definition of fatigue looking for clues about how we can understand the factors at work. Please share this broadcast with others and continue to ask insightful questions about our lives that will provide us an opportunity to learn, grow, and improve. Thanks again for joining us on The Amateur Society!

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Steven Menking Discusses Worldview, Politics, And Money On Rogue Money Radio


Join Steven Menking for an impactful interview on Rogue Money Radio. The discussion focused on maintaining a solutions mindset, the same old tricks being pulled politically, battling division in the truth community, and an overall perspective on cryptocurrencies. If we don’t have the right mentality in this pivotal time, then we won’t be able to see or seize the opportunities that are right in front of our faces. Are you looking for solutions or barely hanging on? True strength and vision begins with spiritual dynamics, and we have divided ourselves unnecessarily. It’s time to dust ourselves off, pick ourselves up, and where necessary start from scratch. The decisions you make now will have a monumental impact in the months and years ahead.

Guest Post: The New Age Of Entertainment – Bill Chapman


From its earliest days, Hollywood had a purpose. A singular purpose consisting of many shades of the same color. Promote ideas. Influence the masses. Normalize the abnormal. Beginning with the pioneers of motion pictures Eastman and Lumiere, billions and billions of dollars have flowed in and out of Hollywood resulting in the production tens of thousands of films and television shows shoveled out to the masses for consumption. The people have always sought an escape from the reality of their own lives, and Hollywood has always been there waiting with something for everyone. Genres to include action films that glorify violence, science fiction films that explore the possibilities of an altered reality, and the feel good romantic “chick-flicks” that portray the ins and outs of modern-day relationships are chock full of effective propaganda messages meant to change the viewers mind about a whole host of social and moral topics.

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