Podcast: On the Objective – Growing In Christ Through Fellowship – Chad Estes – 09.24.2019


Welcome back On the Objective as your host Steven Menking sits down with Chad Estes of the Salt and Light Brigade to discuss the regular fellowship meetings that he is hosting at his home in Texas and the need for Christians to grow in the Lord in this generation! Chad has graciously opened his home to dozens of believers and provided incredible opportunities for fellowship and encouragement. Please take note of the servant’s heart that Jesus has given Chad as well as his passion for equipping the body of Christ. This is a pivotal time, and we can’t simply stand by and stand down. Join your brothers and sisters in fellowship and pursue the path of growth and maturity as you follow God. Thanks again for joining us On the Objective!

Estes Ranch

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On the Objective

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Podcast: On the Objective – Active Christian Faith – Coach Dave Daubenmire – 11.02.2017


Join us On the Objective as your host Steven Menking (The Amateur Society) welcomes back Coach Dave Daubenmire (Coach Dave Live | Pass The Salt) to review the awesome work that the Salt and Light Brigade is continuing to accomplish in Texas. When Christians get involved with the work of the Kingdom of God, our faith is renewed and fostered. There is abundant and immense joy available to those who will be sent forth in the name of Jesus to serve others.

Coach Dave Live:

Website: https://coachdavelive.com/

On the Objective:

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Guest Post: Sgt Tim – Band Aids and Shallow Understanding – Why America Will Not Be Great Again


This article from Sgt Tim can be found in its original context on his new website: The Freeman’s Watch

This is the first article I have written in some time. To be honest, I have thought long and hard about just hanging all of this up, going back to keeping my thoughts and understandings to myself, keeping my head down, and prepping myself and my family up for what’s to come. As of July, due to a number of personal issues I had going on, I had deleted Outlaw Patriot News on WordPress and the Outlaw Patriot social media presence. I pulled out of what little spotlight I had and was set on not writing or appearing on any show any longer. While some will think they know this or that as to the why this happened, I will reiterate that there were many reasons why, and leave it at that.

However, those that have followed my writing for some time know that I feel I was called to provide greater clarity to those with eyes to see and ears to hear, to help them understand some of the undercurrents at work within our nation at the social, political, and cultural level. At times in the past when I have not obeyed this calling, I have been kept awake until I got the thoughts in my head out “on paper”, so to speak, or awakened in the middle of the night and not been able to get back to sleep until I got it all out. Perhaps if I were called to do this, then the Lord in His mercy understood that I needed some time to work some things out in my personal life, in my professional life, and that I just needed a break from all this that is happening around us daily.

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